Few People Imagine What They Can Do And Then Set Off To Achieve It Regardless Of The Naysayers, The Fears Within, And The Obstacles That Appear To Keep You From Your Goals.  Darby Is Taking Away Most Of The Barriers So That You Can Be All That Is In Your Dreams, If Salvation Through Salvage Is A Theme You Can Believe In, Then Come Help Share The Secrets To Empowering Millions To Make Millions And Spend It As They Will To Make The World A Better Place For All.

If you could… Would you act to “Become a Beacon of Light”, to Ignite Candles of Passion & Hope?

Amazingly, few would answer such a call without qualifying the many things they would not do, what they would not sacrifice, where they could not move from, who they could not leave behind, or the opinion of friends casting doubt upon your ability to succeed, or worse…

Is it too cold to start, to hot to commit, too far, too hard, too scary, too bold, too what???

If you knew your purpose in life, the meaning for your being here and suffering through so much hardship to be so strong, yet wonder why… then perhaps it is time to change your course and cash in on your talent and abilities, your imagination and success.  It is at your fingertips, within your reach and sight… but you must be willing to act.


Man is it cold here right now… yes in the warm part of Texas… Ice is thick on the troughs. Soon though, back to barefoot and t-shirts. Join me? (well, it was last month at least, or was that December???  one of those two cold spells that lasted for days with ice, but not this time…)

Do You Believe in You… the Spirit within your carnal shell that came here with a purpose and desires, dreams to fulfill, and Love pouring forth needing to be expressed in artful forms that allow the imagination to constantly create solutions faster than problems can materialize.  Together we can change the course of the future, each of us a powerful dynamo of human activity that can transform the material world and shape what will become of lands, families, and communities.  From permaculture to housing, from healthy eating to exercise, so much to learn to be our best and give all we can give to those we love the most, as well as all the rest.

We as a simple group, not united under a common cause, are easily misled from the most important parts of our life experience on this planet.  Expressing the most positive parts of our potential and allowing the lesser parts to subside allows us to focus on the service we can give to others, the fastest path to a fulfillment that reaches deeper than the bank account or material wealth without experiencing a union within, the masculine and feminine forces joining together in a Love Fest for life together here, shared with other spirits that are without sex or form except while here.

No matter where we come from, what sex or persuasion, what planet for that matter, the Spirit to thrive, to be alive, to contribute to bettering the paradise we live in so that all can see it as that heaven on Earth that it can be… it is the chance to be part of that wave of change that makes it such a wonderful time to be alive.  Wii are here for a reason, many reasons, and I invite one and all to consider using a bit of Wibblry to help us sew it all together into a global fabric that none can tear apart.  It is in giving to that World Union of Beings intent on Peace that we can create something so much greater than what we are capable of individually, and by having that global impact WUB can have will change the future of the world in ways that no man can manifest alone.

Darby Lettick

Wii, the word in Wibblry for that World Union of Beings that are helping to form the new millennium for those who have come to experience a new paradigm of living on our Mother Earth.  From the clay and air, with the help of so many bacteria and organisms that bring us good health, our spirit can form a body that gives us a chance to dip into the carnal paradise that this world can offer.  As Beings with a purpose, here on a mission in Life Time Line, here to help remove the greed that leads to so many of the heartless wars for material wealth through the exploitation of the masses who can not defend themselves against raw power of weaponry operated by human robots that feel compelled to hate and kill.  The time for such barbary is over and next comes the Peaceful Millennium that will follow!

Sustainable housing is a path toward such a place as we could live in where we have nearly all we could want or need, shared with others who also respect the many rights of other beings which we too expect, as well as food, homes, and time to savor the journey, still with challenges, but not war, famine, and suffering that we can easily prevent.  Join me on the journey to sustainable living necessary to thrive in a sustainable world we must do more than talk about, we must act upon living that life and sharing the benefits so others will join us to create the critical masses it will take to change the world.  Impossible mission?  Why not?

I have started over the last few decades and now the operations are ready for the next wave of Indigo kids, Starseeds, and Indigo Adults ready to lead the charge in educating, sharing, and transferring as much as we can of what we have learned before we leave this lifetime and journey on our way.  Who knows?  We may want to return incarnate and savor what we created on the last run through the game that we call life while here.

Open your minds to the Possibilities of Salvaging Mind, Body, Spirit, and Home now that the old ones have been left behind.
Open your minds to the many dimensions of existence and the effects our illusion we create can have upon the world around us.

That shift in the future will be affected by things beyond our control in some respects, for Mother Nature, the expressions of Mother Earth and our Solar System’s response to the quieting of our Sun, the source of our heat, our shields from the Cosmic Rays that will ignite volcanoes and change the face of the planet forever.  The future I foresee can only happen if Wii can join together to form the Spiritual Masses it takes to overcome the demonlike forces that have been seeking to snuff the light from within, the One that drives us forward into the supposed night with hope, with Love for our fellow beings and the desire to live peacefully by co-operation rather than war.  United we can Stand together and survive all things.  Divided… few if any will survive to tell the tales except in what will be seen one day as hieroglyphics and stories, myths of things others will barely understand before they meet the same fates.

Once this imaginative town of Salvage, Texas was envisioned, then action put in place, for it is the Human Energy we need to run this race. Look at all the water and please know 5 years ago, there was not an inch of water where the ponds and creek now flows. Fish, turtles, frogs, birds, and so much more now live off from the product of my imagination. We can make a difference in the world by how we live our life instead of spending the life hours wasted and watching TV.

The newest ponds are holding and expansion still goes on.

The bigger view includes Salvagefaire Market and other areas yet to come to a new life as a model of what we could do to create sustainable living if we choose.

It is for the dawn that I work day and night, the reason I burn my candle, intent to light the darkness ahead, along the sustainable path in a simpler way, I clear a path through the forest that some think dangerous without killing off its natural beauty.  It is a handiwork indeed, filled with traps, and little support, in fact barely a supply chain to support the few who would dare to follow closely and help clear the path behind me as I cut away.  It would be harder if the path had not been somewhat cut in the long and distant past.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the ancestors who left the crumbs of wisdom and knowledge to stumble upon along the way through the forest, like crumbs and tattered books of knowledge along the way, I find them and share what I can glean, while being aware that there are indeed, dark forces in the bushes awaiting the chance to play on fear, through surprises.  Challenging gorges, Chasms wide and deep, yet always a string or marker, a nearly lost clue that the path must swerve to avoid a pit or poisonous fruit, parasite, or addictive distraction.  Life is so short, and so easily the jungles will consume the stragglers until the path is regularly traveled and they predators shy away from attacking those on that path anymore.

Oh yea. a little eye opener for some, a bit of the old Wake Up Call for the cold bound Big Housers who are suffering the cold or heating bills right now.  Our heating bill doubled and it was not even half as cold as up north.  My prayers are with you.

Join me as I trudge through the jungle in the cold, in the heat, and in the darkness or storms, for there is no going back once you have felt the passion in your belly, once you have tasted the fruits of gratitude and empowerment that come with clearing a path that will make the lives of so many better.  A path that will open the doors to safe passage to homes that will protect the families that help salvage the treasure troves hidden in the jungle on the way to our new Millennium, our Paradise on Earth that we can create together, as a World Union of Beings who believe in our ability to live peacefully and all prosper by not being excessive about our mindless consumption, nor forgetting to share and care for the planet and other beings in so many forms that are here to share it.

Few people have seen houses that can fly, and if they have, they will not tell you. Imagine what is impossible and figure out how to do it, as many have over and again, for then you are truly tapping your power to imagine outside the box, to be the first to run the mile under 4 minutes, a nobody until that moment when his belief in himself turned a black man into a legend. You can be a legend too.

Pure Salvage Living is about living without making a bigger dent in the carbon footprint so as to reduce pollution, toxins, wasting resources, human energy embodied in the many treasures of our past.  “We”, means nothing if the people do not voluntarily form the group that is called “We” but humans apparently have yet to see themselves that way.  Our nationalism and local causes create issues largely manifested by media, corporations, and governments that are not aimed to benefit the masses but the few.  Thus it must be understood that it is within the controller’s constraints to narrate how many ways that word is used or abused to give it credence or notoriety.

Please take a moment to consider if we can provide you with a FREE event venue for a music or film festival location that might have a problem due elsewhere due to the issues of the weather or bureaucracy, rather than have to disappoint everyone.
Salvage may have festival, retreats, reunions, and wedding options you may not have considered, and you could even make a great income being part of the success your efforts will bring.

Thusly comes the word Wii with the rest of the few but significant words of Wibblry to each planet as it reaches this stage of development or destruction.  Adversity is the Mother of Invention and we have the potential to solve all problems big and small thanks to the technology and the vast resources of human computers that can be inspired to help create solutions that empower more of us, not constrain the imagination, the individuality that allows us to ask Why in so many different ways.

What will the doors of opportunity look like to you. Do they need an open sign that invites you in or will you spot the opportunity as you walk by and turn before the door closes and you only get to wish you had looked deeper into the Lighted end of the Tunnel for a path you would never want to leave again.

The most incredible solutions come from those who think in realms known as the societal fringes, not in the midst of conventional thought.  Wii, the Union of Beings that care for little more than lighting the way through the area of expertise that we have each explored, mastered, and choose to share freely in order to empower others, for it will take billions to manifest the changes that are truly within our reach.  Wii can master so many things that we thought out of our reach, from healthy lives, abundance in the form of happiness we have not found through the material paths exemplified by American consumerism.  Wii can reverse the ill effects in the next generations, living better lives by acting, not talking, by moving and not sitting idly on the sidelines naysaying those who are willing to start now instead of wait until it is too late to change their demise while you thrive.   It is because all of us will participate and give 100% to making the best of our time here, in this form, knowing Wii will be happy with the work Wii were able to do while here and possibly return when the benefits of Being Incarnate are irresistible once more.


A bright new Sunset that tells of the days to come. A new Truth coming from the ash of all that has been churned. New lives that come from those now lost will yet turn out to be, the greatest of your gifts in life, besides just being Freed.

Please think about becoming a Charter Co-op Member by investing in one of the 60 Organic Cottage building packages that will be given away with each $10,000 Charter Membership Share.  Thereafter, your parts will become houses as we teach people how to build, transport, and live in a new world of Organic Sustainable, portable if you like, to be lived in lifelong if you choose.  This is the solution that many are finding they want and can not afford… unless you join the Pure Salvage Living Co-op, and thus help manifest the solutions so many need, the empowerment that is only going to be possible by joining together rather than trying to do all that must happen to be successful as a salvager otherwise.

Here is a list of what would normally be unavailable to the common person wanting to get into salvage mining and salvage building.

Places to build an Organic Sustainable Cottage

Places to keep one, live in it, or make an income off from it until you could move out of the city or retire.

Places to learn how to build a house.

Places to use their tools to build with once you learn.

Places to store your parts and pieces until you are ready to build,

Help to build once you choose to put your parts together.

Help to design your dream house.

Salvage Bootcamps to go out and help on to earn parts for your labor instead of your cash.

Chances to barter your talents for help doing things you do not want to do, like walking on the roof, rafters, or other such dangerous games.

A place to commiserate or tell your tales of success to peers and help others negotiate the path to independence, freedom to choose life over servitude.

A place to be a part of a community, and help grow it to other places, perhaps back to where you grew up, or always dreamt of living.

All things are possible once you believe you can have it by sharing, working together, and thus being able to come and go around the country always knowing there is an Organic Cottage waiting for you at nearly any Pure Salvage Living Outpost on the highway of life.

Not bad for belonging to a Pure Salvage Living Co-op that is manifesting at a time when you could be one of the Charter Members to pick your parts and pieces as reward from vast warehouses unlike any most will ever see, a part of the Co-op you will be able to make an income, career, or lifetime out of once you join.  The Future is unlimited for those who want to Thrive in the new millennium of sustainable living, organic lifestyles, and community-based on unity instead of monetary wealth.

That is what its all about around here these days.

So what next?

Another day in Paradise,

Salvage, Texas

Only to be found by coming here, knowing how to get here from a place not on the map,

and being all that you can be so that you might be a part of the Legacy we can create together.

Contact us if you would like to be or play a part in manifesting solutions for the millions out of Salvage found today.