My Home Is Temple Tantra At The Top Of Endless Creek.  Please Join Me For A Tour Of Tantra Village If You Seek.

If you were going to create your private paradise, Water is the key…

I have been working this year to create the water system to support the growing system that will follow naturally, with help of course.  Please enjoy a walk along the freshly filled though silted waters of Endless Creek and the many Ponds of Salvage, Texas.  Imagination coming to life as Wii watch the sky unleash its global collection of tears upon us so that Wii may grow what Mother Earth envisions with the gift she gives us.  Life comes in many forms which Wii can nurture and help along the path to continued cyclical success.  From my house where Endless Creek Starts,


hOMe Sweet Home.  

My Temple Tantra

Welcome to my sandbox.

The new Mascot for Salvage, Texas sits atop Miracle Mountain.

One of the small entries into Tantra Village.

The path to a place few can imagine creating, let alone staying down in very long.

Entrance to Tantra Village over Endless Creek

There has been a major expansion of Miracle Pond.

This is Tantra Canal, a few hundred feet long for a nice swim.

The ceremonial portion of Endless Creek.

Ceremony Mound will have the fires, the songs, the flutes, and the calling or light if Wii need one.

Look below and follow me to see if you have fear of being buried down below the levels anyone can see.

There is a path across the water but it is hidden to the eyes.

Upon the hill above the waters, the ship of dreams floats on.

The upper chambers of the lower caverns is still quite full of fun.

It can be scary if you are afraid of being buried while alive.

Growing fast, like dreams unleashed, the water gushes in.

Mesquite arches will grow morning glory mountains.

Endless Creek is timeless, and the path to the edge so clear, yet it does not pour out or come in from just one place it seems.

Even from a distance the Miracle Cottage makes one wonder… does it float?

For now the tiny bit of water that escapes the ponds is sent into the shade woods.

When you first look into the hole below, you will see more than what the eyes perceive.

It does not look to be 18+’ deep, but it is.

Down the deep caves that have the mud that helps the body heal and grow.

Hi and peace from the newest deepest pond.

Meditation down below the ground…. in that chair in the water if you like.

Cave to the underground, solutions from the Earth.

Long Pond camping areas where the deer come to play.

One might wonder what is down below… and even go with permission to see, swim, get muddy, and more.

Near the end of the creek, when it overflows, it comes to here before it goes… on to the next pond down below.

Long Pond is an overflow pond in the middle of Salvage, extending over 150 long and 16′ deep, it is one of the larger ponds in the Endless Creek series.

The trees hide one of our little retreats… a home for a special person who is also sweet.

Normally crystal clear, after a rain and so much work on the ground, the silt is high, but will soon subside.

Space left to put small houses, also for the birds and grouses.

The caves below have water from the rains, 30′ below the water levels of the highest ponds just 20′ away.

Up upon a hill so high there is a place from which to spy.

From the back side the ponds are many that form a chain, linked as part of Endless Creek.

From the entry to the caverns you can see Gingered Swan peeking over the edge of the pond.

Across Walden Pond sits the Ark and the Gingered Swan.

Big tour of the parts of Endless Creek after the newest expansion.  All of the areas shown are full of water and flowers, critters, and a promise for an incredible spring of flowers, food, and a paradise that will grow in the spring.  Hope you can join us and play a part in the manifestation of Salvage, Texas.


Blessings from Us to YOU.

Darby Lettick

Salvage, Texas