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Imagine a Mystery Murder Weekend at Salvage, Texas…

What happened to Brad Kittel that night, the benefactor, founder, and leader of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance disappears and someone may be responsible but without a body, at first at least, how is one to know a murder was ever committed… and in Salvage, Texas there are all sorts of places to hide bodies, clues, and people who may or may not be truthful about their secret lives.

Watch more as we film, record for evidence the procession of guests, suspects, and staff before the inquisitive Darby Lettick, investigative writer of novels that seem to parallel reality in mysteriously synchronistic ways. His perspicuity will likely help, but in the end, the temporary residents of Salvage, Texas will have to figure out what happened until the lights come back on in the cities and others can come, or go once more.

What to do if you are in Salvage, Tx. when the SHTF happens and a real mystery is already going on? Want to know more? From anywhere in the world, foreign and domestic, we will auction of some spaces as they are invaluable for what will come of the roles, those who return to possibly become the stars they are through the ongoing tale of how Salvage, Texas came to be, evolved as a meeting center, a sort of Chasm at the Fringe that I have written of and spoken of on Youtube.

Salvage, Texas is intended to be that Vortex you can visit but not live in long place where the odd ones gather to speak of things the masses might hang us for. It is a safe place to gather for those deemed borderline for what some think of as crazy talk, yet which later becomes the rules of reality or a new society. Later on, once more as with any status quo, their foundations too will eventually be turned over when those outsiders from the box leap the Chasms beyond imagination and open up new bridges to what seemed like miracles before.

Join us in stretching the imagination, living the right roles, and yet playing some games with reality that might empower others to understand it, and our effect on it daily.

Darby Lettick

I, Darby Lettik will be hosting a rare and likely unforgettable Murder Mystery Weekend with the houses of Salvage, Texas for the guest participant in a Steam Punk world, Fantasy setting with a real underground cave, clues hidden below water, high above in the trees, even atop Miracle Mountain on the Ship of Dreams that some will use to find the people skulking about, hiding, or making love in the bushes only to be caught by a raging husband… who knows?
Tiny Texas Houses ghost creator, Brad Kittel, now lost and gone in a single night of mysterious sounds, events, a dinner after with the people stuck in Salvage Texas as the light go out in the cities, and someone in the midst, at least one of those who get to be witness, is a murderer. 
What happens to the people who seem to die off just as they are supposed to be discovered to be the very murderer that the group hoped to entrap and stop, hold in the dungeon on site (just in case of problems… no more) or the underground steel lidded isolation torture chamber left over, filled with roaches, and wonderful water (hmmm really? well it could be seen as that if you were inside I guess).
This will be a very limited first edition event that I, Darby, will host at some time in the future with invitation-only guests based on the applicants, resumes in a sense your True Credentials upon which we will build the character you wish to be for the event, to dress up for using the garb of a time when crystals, energies, and other forces of our human nature could propel us into fields of imagination so strong they could bend reality and make special places possible. Salvage, Texas is such a Vortex, and a few, say two dozen or a bit more with houses and tents full, adults only, and with full liability/video waivers, in case someone should get hurt or die while playing a game. We will be filming this for our new internet show that I am developing with the potential to alter what it means to be a great writer in the modern world of video, internet, global audiences that can guess over a weekend by watching the hidden cameras, the microphones (stay in character my friends for the privacy nearly ends when in plays like this, beyond the ordinary indeed.

Life is full of surprises and characters you might never meet, but they do exist. Who would you be if you could be all you have the potential to be? Can you be who you are, so great of a character naturally that the costume upon you is simply the adornment and your personality, the who of you is a great character so really no other need be copied? Indeed, please come to play with me in my giant sandbox, 43 acres of woods, ponds, Endless Creek, a forest, sheep, mystery, and in the midst of it all, the materials in warehouses, the houses you could create swirling in your head when you leave so that this story, this concept, will go from my imagination into your worlds, in ways that a writer can no longer do if so much is at hand to create this story in ways never done.
I have spent 37 years preparing to finish my book, the story of Wibblry and Wub, how it led to creating so many things instead of a small note in the obituaries about a crippled bullied kid who hung himself in the basement on night after years of depression, physical pain, abuse, and the feeling that no one in the world cared if he was gone.

The Prelude, a short piece created by a kid I mentored, paid to educate so he could film, edit, produce, and thanks to his already God-given talent for music, put tunes to the words of my Poems, like the Song of Salvage, like my son had before he passed 8 years ago this time, in Paris, France. A 6.4″ Lifeguard who drowned in the 42-degree water without his guitar, I-phone, money, or backpack two days before his proposed return after a year and a half, just being a great kid on the Woolf permaculture program and other things I would have done at his age. 
Please join me in considering helping organize, host, share, donate, or contribute your past Mystery Theater weekend experiential Wisdom, or participation in what I want to become a regular event, part of the continuing story of what it would take to turn our society into a Pure Salvage Living Example of sustainable living, organic eating, and Spiritual Awakenings that focus on Truth, not lies for the future to be built upon and a respect for those before as well as who follow, not just on our own wants in the present moment.
For more information: Darby@Puresalvageliving.com



Salvage, Texas