If You Had Told Me When I Was A Little Kid That I Would Get To Live This Incredible Life, I Would Not Have Believed You, But It Proves That You Could Too.  Join Me As I Share The Path To Salvaging Body, Mind, Spirit, And HOMe.

Imagine Darby in the War Room on Infowars.com … or watch!

Hi guys. It’s nearly show time and I have prepared for more than 62 years to finally be the man I needed to be to take the next steps in the story of Wibblry and Wub. Yes, the story behind the houses, Salvage, Tx., and more was all to get to this point where I can finally make a difference in the world. I hope to offer the solutions to more people who want to live the example we need to be in order to be the hero’s the future presidents will emulate and help build societies around instead of movie stars, sports stars, and Wall Street Titans.

Here is the Link to the Show… all of it is worth watching, so please watch what comes before too.  These young men are the sort I admire, I respect for their inner strength, and I would be proud if my son Adam had gone on to live the life they are living, giving their best to help make the world a better place.   http://hangmansnews.com/news-entertainment/news/the-war-room/

Yes, who would have thought that this long haired bearded old guy would have his face on the war room wall?  What did I do you might ask to be a part of any War?  I fight for the planet, a Salvage-Warrior to the Heart, and the time has come for me to take the Renaissance to a new level.

I have spent most of my life outside looking into the screens, from years in front of the TV, to the internet screens, and even on the other sides of the screens for shows on TV or the Internet. This is the first time I have been able to speak freely, to share the most intimate and empowering of thoughts and wisdom that my life has gifted me with. I wish to offer the happiness and gratitude I have found by sharing the path to get there and make it easier if I can.

Yes, if you only knew how many people will see this for what it can be, associate it with my wars on the corrupt education systems, the corrupt prison systems, the corrupt PHARMA industry, etc and yes, I go to war with my Sword of Love, and it cuts when needed but allows me to use just the edge to nudge some resistant entities into line. Hopefully the others I join in this War to save our planet and our Freedoms to be the best that we can be.

This was a great interview, one of the best I have been on because they do not filter, limit (except for swearing… oops) and therefore allow for Free Speech about good things too, not just the bad news that the media wants everyone to focus on.  So….  Will you watch me, Darby on the War Room” on Alex Jones, if you can, in the near future and get back with us to comment on your thoughts, which I do hold dear, for the people who will benefit and be empowered by the works we do.

There I am with a great young man that should be an inspiration to many of his contemporaries. He has visited Salvage, Tx., felt the Heartbeat of the Ethos it is based on, and allowed the seeds of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to open his mind to new solutions, based on old ways.

This was a great experience for me, to hopefully reach millions who may seek a simpler and more Earth-friendly path to living and thus be the solutions instead of just griping about the problems without taking any action.  Please join me in a conversation with Harrison Smith on his Edition of the War Room that I hope many will share, and hopefully we will get to expand upon one day.  Soon they may have the documentary finished that will allow us to show what is possible with imagination, ingenuity, and creative solutions that benefit all who get involved.

I know where that is… hehe!

So as any good Salvage-Warrior would do, I serve the planet for the Children who can not defend it from the adults who have forgotten that Wii all need to share, to live peacefully, and thus keep the best of our past in our future for generations to come.

If you had told me when I was a little kid that I would get to live this incredible life, I would not have believed you, but it proves that you could too. Join me as I share the path to Salvaging body, mind, Spirit, and hOMe.