From The Top Looking Down, We Can See So Much More Than We Can If We Are Not Balanced And Being The Best We Can.

Imagine if you will, & you will surely find, Time is in the Mind.

All of life is a matter of perspective.

Working out the problems, like the body, to get to where we want to be.

For some, this will seem like a lot of work to get up from the floor and make a thing like what you are about to see come into the material world out of a pile of what some would have called trash, salvage, or a waste of time to pick up.  I disagree, as Fable can see from her spot watching what you will see too.

Suppose you wanted to rise up to a new height or loft. Create it out of the parts you have at hand that you can salvage from the past… like our lives.

A great group sharing a weekend of empowerment and learning.

Leslie came from several states away to learn how to build her stairway to heaven.

How to decide, half as many steps and twice as tall or….

Testing out the stairs with different sets of legs.

Feels okay to me, but not great.

What is a super tool belt fully equipped look like, and the person who got it for a birthday gift?… Poster child for the answer…. Happy.

Larry was vital in teaching this seminar, helping them to learn the basics, and to assemble the wood, the salvage and create from it.

Bruno is expanding his skills to be the Renaissance Man, able to plumb, wire, and build a home.

So is Leslie, but Wii would call her empowered, life skilled once learned, and then able to create the home of her dreams, by herself if she chose to.

Theo helps by being the detail guy, and a good teacher too.

Me, I just kept pushing on Mother Earth, to feel her strength, and pass it along to all of you.


Imagine What is important in life for me now is that we can learn at any age, teach at any point in life when we can share what we have learned while here, incarnate, alive if you choose, Awake if you Will.

In these pictures you see young and old sharing knowledge, wisdom, empowerment, then transformation for both teachers and students, the way it should be instead of incarceration in schools that offer none of these things for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, until 18 years old.  The kids these days are not taught life skills but instead,  kept from learning what can be learned in a year, for 4 years we call High School.  I should be college done by then, but who would have gotten rich and stayed there that way?  No One!

Who benefits most if the school systems fail to teach children before the age of 7 how to use their brain, the onboard computer that must handle incredible loads of information that require accurate retrieval of the facts, like math, spelling of a language or three that they can use for life, learned best and easiest prior to 7 years old.  While other countries have children who can speak 5 languages, American children now have a poor command of the single language we all share and call English, but like only unto Tex-Mex to being a language, it is understood by billions in its rudimentary form with the 800 words in the average Diction/Usage/Library we use to share our ideas with.  This means that many who work with four letter adjectives, swear words instead of descriptive adjectives and nouns that might have more impact, like comparing to visual imagery people can identify with, then draw conclusions from, and perhaps incite the people in power to change the way things are to what they should be instead.  Those who can use the language well find it incumbent upon them to alter the course of history by influencing those who will make the decisions, stand up for Truth if we are to thrive, and be willing to sacrifice all there is in Life for the Truth and Honor that we must have, must exemplify by our acts daily if we are to be the Lights that dissipate the dark by lighting other candles, igniting bonfires in rooms that had no Light, leaving Passion and Hope in our Wake as we move on to the many rooms still in our mansion that also need the Purity that Wii can bring.

Empowerment is a way of thinking, a way of being, knowing, and believing you “Can do”, not that you “can’t” do what you want in life.  You alone create your future with your own hands involved, not solely at the hands of others, your desires, dreams, an impassioned Being, fueled with Hope that allows you to pass up those in despair and Lead instead of Follow-through jungle  paths without needing assurance that followers will thank you for the work it took to clear a way to see, once we get to the places we must go.  To do it is the journey, the thanks comes from success and the lessons learned along the way… this path that we call life… well that is why we Incarnate making Joy from what was considered trash, or just a pile of clay, water, and bugs… the human body without Spirit.

If you give up your freedom to those who would control you, they will never let you be strong. With knowledge for power, passion, and hope, man or woman, old or young, you can help salvage houses, barns, and buildings built with pride, sweat, and tears, to create hOMes that will do the same again as it protects and nourishes the health and well being of those Wii Love.

Darby Lettik

Join us in Wii Gong practice, a World Union of Beings learning how to create a future through the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. The creative force is the most powerful means of Spiritual expression in a peaceful and fulfilling way that makes the world a more beautiful place to live. Please join in building Organic Art Cottages for the people you Love too.