From Tantra Pond The Water Flows To Endless Creek, Where Off It Goes, To Walden Pond And Other Places, Bringing Green To All The Spaces.

Imagine, less than 50 people will get to live in Salvage, Tx. full time, (43 acres to play with)

Yes, I have a plan, very limited in its scope of people who will be able to come and live here full time, though open to many coming part time and for visits to learn, share, and grow with us.

I wonder as I peer above, I wonder what I see… are they clouds with rain Wii need, or are they just white puffs a glow.  Some Clouds bring us life, others death through floods, tornadoes, and storms that permanently change our lives.  Synchronicity is at your doorstep.  Time to change your life, salvage the best of the past and build a new One?  Think of Salvation through Salvaging the best of your past and taking it with you… the love, inner faith, and people you care about.   Let us use these lessons to build a better world with so that no one has to suffer like many people will through these coming years of weather changing lessons ahead.  Let’s line up the solutions now and have them ready just in case guys.

Imagine, less than 50 people will likely ever get to live here full time, (43 acres to play with) a bit more on visiting, for events, and many for a weekend, night, or longer one-time stay. It is a place intended to be a sacred vortex where Wii can come together and heal all wounds, salvage a positive and beautiful future out of our past lives, houses, and other gifts we hold near. Wisdom is a gift to share, not to take with us to the grave. Join me in doing our duty as Watchers, as Mentors, as the examples Wii would want others to follow in order to change the world into a more positive place Wii can pass on to the generations that follow with some pride. 

At first the rainbows seemed to far away to ever reach. The ends would keep on moving though the Bow was overhead. So up I went into the sky, I could not help, I know not why… and there I found the taste I sought,
my Rainbows finally have been caught!

Who do we leave a paradise to but the Mother Earth and the stewards who will care for her properly once I am gone? While I have time, I want to be sure the right stewards are on hand to share with, help grow this in the many realms I do not fully understand yet, from permaculture to underground growing for food when it’s too cold above the ground. So much to learn, to share, and to understand the deeper meanings of life, a World Union of Beings must somehow figure out the solutions without warring our way to a horrible end for mankind. Wii can make a difference but Wii must move now!

This swimming hole is 14′ deep and will have a water lift station to fill a tank for gardens as well as a natural siphoning water system for plants below the creek elevation.

beautiful gentle flow to Endless creek at a great shallow swim area that is great for sitting in meditation in the water afloat with only your head out of the water, butt in soft mud.

Baby Doll is so fast she blurs in the camera.

Overflow Pond is about 20′ deep at the moment, with a new level established in the rains and the opening of Long Pond in the network, this one should stay full from now on.  Eventually, once the silt of the rain settles, this too will be clear, light green like the San Marcos we share water with, or Blue.

Several spaces for houses along here at the feeder to overflow pond or overlooking it as well.

So many plants grew in the last two month and in a year, you will not know I dug this all out.

I have added a couple more acres to the mix now. A path for water to flow, for more wildlife to linger, and perhaps even spaces for some artists, writers, musicians, and imaginative people using their creative powers to create solutions, manifestations of Love, and results we can use to make the world a better place for all who share it.

Another Section of creek also has a number of spaces for houses and even places in the woodsy section of the water enclosed living areas.  Some of these are closer to the front where the events will be so vendors might prefer to be near where the market and Salvagefaire will open once we have the people to support it.

Above it all there rest the Miracle Cottage to view it from, to dream in, to take off in on foggy nights when the world can not see it flying.  Then settle on Miracle Mountain before daylight to work once more on making dreams come true.

An above the tree line Tree House that can be seen through the Trees instead.

It is likely one of the only links you will see with an offer and an email to possibly come and live here, be a part of creating Salvage, Texas, and more… for a very limited number of people, and a limited time offer to see if such people exist… at this time who can be Freed to come and play at making the world a better place with the wisdom of our ages and the acts of our Faith.

So much greenery in just a few months.  Food like Sorghum grows like crazy, Sun Flowers Dazzle everyone.  Look into the distance and above us flys the mascot of Salvage, Texas.  Join me in the flight we can take with the dreams for our guide and imagination for fuel, treasures of the past to create with, solutions for the future to share.

Long Pond has spaces for houses next to it with the pasture in the background behind the trees.  The water is still several feet below full… then it pours around the back side so it can not overflow where the house sites will be positioned.

Want to know more about how to be a part of Salvage, Texas?  Follow this link to the blog and email contact.

Long Pond is over 150′ Long from end to end when full, and over 16′ deep.  Cool water below.  We will even be able to dive into this pond one day.

Imagine a space where you could place an Organic Cottage we would build as an investment that you could use 30 days a year to vacation too, write off your taxes if you need depreciation, trips to Texas, food, etc instead of paying in taxes to buy body bags, bullets, and bombs. Join us in using the system to take what some consider trash, turning it into more houses like the Kidd and Gingered Swann (as seen below), yes, Teeny Tiny Organic Cottages that we can put on your leased space for ten years, and give you the bug out house of your dreams in case of flooding, storms, freezing winters, or more things you just want to get away from and relax instead.

We may not get to the answers unless we ask the right questions.  Some may not have a clue but pretend to offer solutions that only make them richer, not you, and if you can not see the difference, learn more about toxic boxes before you buy one to live in.  Think Organic Sustainable housing for though it will cost more per square foot than mobile home quality housing, it will outlast it and give you a healthy life instead of sickness and built-in obsolescence for the money.

The view from Salvage, Texas is amazing all the time. Morning, noon, or after dark the sights are always seen.

I am indeed filled with the light that glows new every day, it is the light within my self that keeps me hear at play.

There are many ways to see things, from a distance or up close, but I choose to pick the higher ground to speak of what I know.

Join me if you wish, though not everyone is invited, I pray to those that can make a positive difference in manifesting this Quantum story, of charging up this Vortex so that Wii can be seen and heard, make a difference for those looking for alternative paths to the consumerism and American Dream that is killing our Society and planet.  Wii can do better with WUB, a World Union of Beings who live it, not just talk about it.


Thanks for sharing, caring, and participating if you can.

Darby Lettick