Imagine what I can do with this. I will call her Vicky Wow.

Imagine what I can do with this.

This is a project I am drooling over starting and still do not have a buyer for this home.  Well I guess I could not as no one has even seen this trim pack that will manifest as

“Vicky Wow”

She has the potential of being one of the prettiest girls to come out of my mind yet and I hope to keep her, but I feel compelled to offer her up at a good price as she will be one of the best of the collection of 100 Tiny Texas Houses that will one day form a book, a number of calenders, and many minds through out the world in hopes of instilling the imagination instead of the blindness that afflicts people who let this stuff get torn down and thrown away.  I hope this wakes everyone up when I get the prices these last incredible works of Museum quality Functional Tiny Organic Houses made from 99% Pure Salvage and toxin free, without imports and technology to speak of.  These are the skins formed from the ancient trees grown by God, held in stasis to protect you, hold your family safe, and return your Love for the rest of your life, and the life of those you honor with stewarding her for the rest of here centuries alive.

Thank you for considering this in your dreams of a Tiny Texas House for you to be the steward of for a lifetime too.

And you thought it couldn’t get better

Imagine if you will, perhaps there is enough for one big Tiny Texas Classic in a 12′ x 28″, like the one on the shop floor now. Wow

Oh yes this will show so nice, I hope I can save and preserve this color.