Important Announcement: Tiny Texas Houses Builds the final 10 houses

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In A Nutshell:

Tiny Texas Houses is now accepting reservations for the last 10 custom houses we will ever build.

Over the course of this year Tiny Texas Houses will be transitioning our operation into a retail outlet for salvage materials, the development of the SalvageFaire Market, and construction of our Tiny House Village.

With this transition comes the end of us building custom ordered houses. Now is your last chance to have your very own, custom designed Tiny House from our “Final 10 house series.” 

We have mastered the craft of building Tiny Houses over the course of our 6 years in existence. We plan to make these final 10 houses the most artistic and unique creations ever to celebrate our 90 house mark.

As it stands, we have built 74 houses throughout the course of our business. We have 8 custom house orders scheduled for construction. Completing these houses will take us into the spring and summer. The final 10 houses series will be built out over the remainder of this year and into the beginning of 2014. That will bring us to a total of 90 houses.

The last 10 houses that will reach us to our 100 house mark will be exclusively for our Tiny Texas Houses Village and will not be custom built, rather designed by Brad Kittel himself to create the most unique and artistic small house community ever seen!

We thank you for all your support throughout the years. We are downsizing our operation and selling parts off our properties as we scale back and devote our energies into what we have always set out to do…build a Tiny Texas Houses Village.

To reserve your spot to have a custom built house please sign up now! The spaces will fill up quick so remember this is your last chance to get your very own, uniquely designed Tiny Texas Houses.

Go to our contact page to send us an email with order requests or feel free to give us a call!