The Entrance To The Hole Is Watched And Blessed For Us To See And Once You Have There Entered You Will Find Your Blessed And Free.

In a hole so deep down under that the microwaves are stopped.

45 feet underground,

savoring the energy of the Earth

without the microwaves a blasting through the mind,

the sun, the noise, and heat all left behind.

This chamber is cut out of layers of volcanic ash, layers upon layers from the volcanos up in Austin, Enchanted rock, and perhaps even Marble Falls where the volcanos now sit dormant and awaiting their new call.

One wonders at the days that pass up above the ground,
when the night that comes and lets us rest 
where peace and love are found.

Dream on my fellow humans,
for the day is close at hand,
when the instincts that can guide us
will be what we all demand.\

We must consider many things,
that once were out of mind,
for outside the box we live in
are the answers we will find.

Do not forget the reasons 
that the world up above,
has fallen to the greed and hate
instead of building Love.

Please look inside and see the Light,
no matter where you are,
and bring it forth preformed as Love,
Then spread it near and far.

For if we each act as we should,
to share, respect, and care,
then others might find happiness,
when others start to share.

Then live our lives as simply 
as we can to change the past,
by giving more than taking,
so our World and Peace can last.


This is a view of the chant chamber 45 ‘ below.

The path down under where its cool and quiet all the day. No sun to get into your eyes, or rain upon your head. No cold that can still reach you and no hail upon your head, it is the depths of Earth I say, where peacefulness is king.


The entrance to the hole is watched and blessed for us to see and once you have there entered you will find your blessed and Free.


Part of the Tiny Texas Territories that will extend under the villages and give everyone a place to go in case it gets to hot, to stormy, to cold, or just to socially intolerable such that we choose to hide, meditate, and wait for the New Millennium to come into full bloom and the come out to share in the coming paradise that is possible if we see the Light, join together as one species to save the planet from the forces that believe in greed, hate, and control for the power they wish to use to restrain the rest of us from finding the Light, the Power, and the Strength to shed them and their destructive plans forever.