In light of the Tornados, soon the flooding and much more…..

Now it the Chance to step up to the plate, to be the one who sees the Truths and helps Us get it Right.   There is a light to follow if you want to find a way.


So here is where it seemed to rest, this flash upon my lens, and with it was imprinted in the minds of of all my friends. We call this simply resonance, the echo of the heart, as it resonates across the world to ring in the new start.

Well the world is creating lots of reasons for people to know how to build a Tiny House out of salvaged lumber.   Everytime a tornado or flood  goes through a town then in spite of all the sadness and the grief,  there is an opportunity to start over and to build smart, small or tiny.  We can build it strong and to last long, from all American parts, from salvage that is literally now lying all over the place.  Shall we throw it in the dump again making landfill companies rich and big box stores giddy over the new sales of imports from all around the world, except here in America that is.    We can now go and beg China loan us money to rebuild by selling more treasury bills, print more money to hand out to FEMA and government agencies to help mitigate the trashing of America, and go once more to take from the other countries of the world, to cut down more wood, make more toxic waste creating new crap to build even cheaper quality houses than the last round, I pray not.

NOW is the time for ALL Good People to step up to the table and offer up their knowledge, tools, trailers, support, and training to teach the kids of today what to do when mother nature wreaks havoc on their world.  How do they get back up and turn the hell they wake up to into a paradise of sorts where the loved ones and the families can be sheltered, warm, and fed.  Is it finally time to think about the crazy things we’ve done that awakened all this misery upon our world now?

The 12 ‘ x 21’ Vicki Zebu is a beauty to behold and its built from just the salvage of a few old dead free homes.

Do you have money in the bank losing value everyday and just waiting for the internet to take it all away?  Think instead of what you can do taking it out now and sending kids and women off to learn to build a house.  They can build them from the scraps and trash that others throw away, from the wreckage of these Frankenstorms that will not stop with today.  We can teach them now what they will need when power does not work.  We can show them all they need to build is sitting here at home.  We don’t need the stuff from China, Mexico, or in Peru.  We have all the wood and other things just waiting to pick up.  Let us takes what’s free and share it with those who now have great need.  Take down houses, barns and buildings that will let them soon proceed.  We can make a full recovery with a better world in store if we do not copy old mistakes and build outrageous homes.  We don’t need them now, the kids are gone and they won’t have a brood, so the giant big old houses should not come back into view.

Lets get cracking and stop the lacking in our basic knowledge needs.  We must train the kids to do some things besides TV and Eat.  Our generation of the baby boomers one and all have contributed to such a mess that now it’s all messed up.  As the weather keeps on getting worse by day, by week, and night I believe the people will reach out to look for what is right.  It is not repeating our mistakes with houses grand and tall.  It is not putting the toxins in that hure our kids so small.  It is not being in debt until were nearly 92.  It’s about your spirit and your Love, not if your house is full.  So as people watch in horror or are there in it themselves, I reach out to all my fellow humans with this quiet call:


Please wake up and think of something that I sure God wants to show.  He is telling us we have to much that really has to go.  We have sunk into to pit of buying junk from all the world and the price that our kids pay for it keeps Flags of War unfurled.  They give their lives for oil and gas, they give it for TV, for the right to kill near anything now found on land or sea.  With few countries now beyond the reach of all that we have wrought, it is time we wake up to the fact it’s time to cleanse the Earth.  Whether people full of greed and hate, or those to dull to know, that the actions they take every day are killing children now.  Whether kids with guns attacking or defending what they love, if it were not for the taking there would be no war at all.


Thus I beg you reconsider as you rebuild one and all.  Do not give in to consumerism and not know the toll.  Do not send away your money, import toxins, plastics too, nor the many other nasty things the builders now all use.  Stop the madness, don’t be crazy and throw all God’s gifts away, let the salvage be the answer and rebuild from what we got.  These are gifts for free from Earth when it had plenty to hand out but the people have destroyed all of the forests and the ground so we now must take precautions for a path our kids can go.


Stairs from scraps of sorts, such as the beam from Iowa in a shoe factory from an age gone by when we made shoes in America.

So join me fellow Humans as we chart this brand new course twixt the storms and changes coming as we see the world turn.  While it all has been predicted and told to mankind for years, there are still so many skeptics that the need is really clear.  Wake Up I beg you as we watch the challenges grow large, and the threats to all we know and love will grow greater through the year.  Be prepared, not scared of anything, you will survive it all, for the body is a vessel not your spirit which I call to come forth at this great time of need to bring your power forth.  We can all ignite the light of HOPE, of a Passion that is strong, and united we can start again and do a better job.  Let us leave the need for government to help us when were down.  Self sufficiency is what made us the country that we are.

The Vicki Zebu ships out soon, its home so far away.
Its always hard to see them leave, thus I’ve chose a different way.

If you want to sponsor someone to learn how to build these fabulous homes from Trash or want to learn so you can do it too, check out the websites here to know to show friends what to do. and are the sites that have the answers to your needs and your desires if they include being independent, free, and running wild.

Thank you, Thank you every one who shares these words of hope.  No religion, and no morals here, just the Truth we need to fight.  There are evil forces lurking, waiting for your fear to rise so that they can take advantage and bring forth our sad demise.   We can overcome and master all our local needs ourselves as we did so many years ago when we believed that we could win.  Now it seems the people feel so weak, so crippled by their size, their laziness and lack of thought, seduced into the lies.  Well it simply can not last for long.  Consumerisms dead.  There is not enough great world left for all to get ahead.  We have taken this to stellar heights.  I don’t think there is much question that the people now in charge, are determined to use up the Earth to  stay rich and live in luxury until the planet dies.

Also, if you want to be part of the villages, Salvagefaire Market, or the Tiny Texas Territories, contact me at  Good luck with disasters and the challenges that come soon next to call.  May you best them with new cognizance that does good for one and all.




Please consider joining to create the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and learn how to be self sufficient and empower those around you to be independent and Free.

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