In The Moonlight Comes A Wonder...
Dreams That Could Put Kings Asunder.

In the Moonlight my Dreams Grow, the proof my mornings come to show.

People think that I have only one focus, one purpose, or one reason to give them for considering a life of Pure Salvage Living.  Here is a glimpse into what is really happening with these seeds in the form of images, followed by words, concepts, and a purpose greater than any of the obvious things you are seeing.  Join me if you would like to understand the source of my bliss.

Salvage through Salvage is a way of thinking, acting, and Being.
Simply put, it is Being the best that I can be to make the world a better place through my acts, words, and how I communicate my message to the world.

Thank you for sharing, and for the support that it took to get here where I am at peace for the first time in my life.


With the moonlight comes a wonder…

A Dream I could not put asunder.


Once upon a time in I had a vision.

I got the story but

Could not understand the plan.

Still, I worked a lifetime under the impression

that it all would come together in the end.

What does it mean to justify the journey

with the goal that never Truly comes to be?

Do you live your life full knowing it’s a failure?

Do you change your course and set your Spirit Free?

These are the questions many have to answer.

The roots through which we grow a life of bliss.

Tis the seeking and the wonder,

the gratitude we feel,

the gifts we give to others

That truly sets us Free.

Our Love and Understanding,

Our guidance through the storms,

the help that Wii can offer,

Leading others to Reform.

This will take more than just a knowing.

It will mean you must Believe!

In the Truth beyond all showing

there are forces that deceive.

Awaken to the shifting.

Be the Paradigm Wii seek!

Live the Life that’s full of Giving

by helping out the Weak.

For United Wii can change the world

into a Paradise.

A World of United Beings

can pay a Peaceful Price.

But never will the leaders

caught up in Greed and War

begin to make the changes

unless the masses Roar.

Speak out For Peace in Unison.

Our planet full of Beings

could alter the destruction

caused by most of what Wii see.

Wii Truly can make Miracles

Appear before Our Eyes,

When Wii let our Truth become the guide

That leads us Day and Night.

With Love and Truth thus Honored,

by the leaders of our world,

We could manifest a Union

WUB could lead Us once Unfurled.

The simple words calls Wibblry

are viral by intent.

It’s an inter-Cosmic Language tool

that helps create Intent.

It puts to words a feeling,

an Awakened state of Mind,

that allows the Body to become

like the Spirit, quite Divine.

Wii can Salvage body, mind, and hOMe.

Wii can do it if Wii learn,

how to share our Wub around the planet

as it seems to burn.

Wii can Thrive in spite of hurricanes,

Volcanoes and much more.

Wii must know that in the hardships,

Wii Unite to Save much more.

Wii can Salvage all the pieces of the past

please be assured,

but the most important parts

are not the TV’s or the Phones.

It’s the knowledge and the Wisdom,

that Wii gained while living Life,

that enables us to guide the others

in the midst of Strife.

For those who are the Leaders,

Please Believe in what You Do!

As a Spirit in a body

with a purpose that is True.

You must live your life for passion!

Filled with Hope that others see,

your happiness growing

once you realize your Free.

How much will change if you Believe

I can not tell you now.

But my life proves that compassion

and persistence will win out.

Thus once you do Awaken,

When the light comes on within,

and you realize you found a path,

is when you finally Win.

No longer is there work to do,

but Loving each new day,

for it brings with it great gratitude,

from what Wii give Away.

Gifts of Power to Create.

Gifts of Knowledge to Relate.

Gifts of Proof it can be Done.

Gifts that make the Giving Fun.

Join me as I Give Away

the Life I’ve Lived in these strange days.

For Now I Truly understand,

There is a bigger, better plan.

Wub and Wibblry I see,

Were written long ago by Me.

But I was not sure what it meant,

Once lived, I Know now why I’m sent.

Wii all signed up to Live this Life here.

Planned it all with Friends up High.

With a plan to win the battles

with no fear that Wii could Die.

Spirits are Immortal and Wii know it.

Our Energy cannot be Seen.

Except as Light One can not know Us.

Without reflection, Wii can’t Be!

Join me as Wii shine our Lights now.

Unified they blind the foes.

None shall stop WUB once it’s Viral.

The proof will be the Shares that Flow.

Before the masters track the meaning,

or the platforms shut it down.

WUB will wrap around the world

like a warm and cozy glove

that will warm the cold Hearts quickly,

Shared by Wubbers,

It will swell.

The Beauty of a coded message,

or a Quantum Story goes,

that from the seeds a morphing story,

all around the world grows.

Once the concept sets in motion,

simply in the minds of Man,

it will turn the switches on that

illuminate the Eye within.

From the sights that Wii can see now,

With the Vision of a Plan,

That WUB brings up to the table,

When the Masses can attend.

With the votes of all considered,

Peace can flourish once again.

Thank you for your intervention,

by reading this, you’ve reached the End.

Begin the New Day as a Wubber.

Join with others round the World.

In a Conscious grand Reunion,

Wii, Awakened, can Attend.

Darby Lettick

July 2018

What Wii do each day can affect the world in many ways if we have the best intentions, and we work as well as play.