Nothing Like A Day In The Sun In Your 60's To Get A Bit Of A Workout Shoveling Dirt.  Join Me?

Incredible sunny day of dam meditation in motion piling up results @ Salvage, Tx.

What did you do with your day in the sun?

Did you have fun? I did, and I got a great work out shoveling a few cubic yards of great dirt, some red clay, added some masonry cement, clay, wood, a bit of fiber to reinforce the dirt, a few incredible cobalt glazed tiles. I continued, could not stop for the day.

Eventually, some incredible soil that I have been developing and saved back when I re-leveled a few acres, stripping the great topsoil, changing the slope to reverse the hill and hold rains, then added the topsoil again, a foot and a half or thicker. More shots in the morning as I kept digging till after dark. Wait until you see what will be after a half day of meditation in motion.

Some days lend themselves to meditation, moving in such ways to bring the energy of the body in line with the imagination. The act of meditating in motion results in such things as this, that may not appear instantly, but in a day, the world can change and life once more grow where none could before.

Help open doors for more things to thrive,

plants, people, animals, are all alive,

but just like us, habitat, homes to get out of the sun and storms, food, and water are essential for a paradise such as this to manifest. Help be that action, that act in motion that creates solutions, empowers life to thrive, no matter who or where, we can make the difference between life and death being great or suffering. Why not go for the most positive outcome and stop doing what we know is not working, polluting planet, body, and society.

From up high on Miracle Mountain you can plan for what could be,
then come down to the bottom to make the changes you will see.
Every time you go back up and look out on to the land,
you will see more things yet growing,
and created by a single man.

If one old man can make this happen,
change the thorns to flowers, true,
create food where none did exist,
that can live on and on… like you.
Then what could you do?
Not just one, but our society…
What could happen if united to
make more of such things Be?

I do believe,
I’d swear its true,
I did not do much more than you
could all do if you wanted to.
So join me if you can a bit,
come talk, or listen,
have a hit.

Then walk about and see our salvage.
Sleep in what some would call trash.
Dream of what you might create,
and leave with seeds that you will stash.

Deep into your wanton gray cells,
some would call a brain, you see,
the seeds of Salvage will grow quickly,
fed by dreams of hOMes for free.

Pray and know this is an answer.
Careers in Salvage Save the day.
Your future could be bright with freedoms
if you work in honest ways.

So join us and escape the matrix.
Get younger, healthy,
passion bound,
I swear this truly is the reward
thus from Salvage, can be found.

Join us
Salvage, Texas
a cybertown
if your map can’t find us
track us down.