The Comfort Cabin Awaits Its Next Phase, The Porches On The Front And Side.,

Inside Comfort Cabin are some nice things to behold

It’s amazing how a little bit of oil can perk things up. The metal darkens and the wood grabs color from the oil as well. Here is the end view of a 12′ x 28′ male Tiny Texas House.

Inside the Comfort Cabin are

A few shelves you may spy,
but still much more is coming
fore he gets to say goodbye.

The stairs, more shelves,
the loft, the lights,
a butcher block
of great delight.

But surely you will see it all
imagine it before its done.
Dream about how you would build,
and thus your dream will be fulfilled.

It is the thought that leads to action,
a planted seed that grows a tree.
Imagine what you can make happen,
then act to make it what you’ll see.

Envisioning thus leads to action.
Resonance spreads thoughts like wind.
Share your dreams with others fully,
they may just help out as friends.

You will find wonder in such thinking.
I’ve found Tiny Houses grow
from a thought that comes from drinking
from the Love We have been shown.

Sweet gratitude is all I see now,
thankful for each breath and day,
creating from the trash comes treasure.
With it comes a Peace my way.

Join me in the simple living.
See the joy of feeling free.
Grow a house from all the gifts here,
built from treasure that’s for Free.


Looking down the backside where the porch will still attach.

The bedroom is feeling bigger and the loft is still to come.

Shelves for goods that you might need, a kitchen that will leave you freed. No giant meals to be cooked here, but casual times you will hold dear.

The Master bedroom and bath share a wall for quick access.

The kitchen view with a wall of shelves.

A rare glimpse of what is to come drawn up in advance.

The Comfort Cabin is coming along well and here is a set of pictures of the progress in a blog. Thank you for following along as we bring several more houses to life in Manifestatio Bay.
If you are interested in getting a house built for you, there is a 25% deposit on the ballpark estimate of how much it will be and then there is about a 3 month wait for us to start the house, then one to two months to finish it.
Each house is a one of a kind creation intended to last for a century or more and keep everyone comfortable who stays in it.
So far only two have ever been resold and both sold for more than the owner paid for them a year and a half before.

Thank you for following Tiny Texas Houses and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. It will take you and many others to help change the world perspective on building with Salvage but it can happen if we speak out now and work for change before it is all thrown into the landfills to make them rich and leave our future generations poor and without resources, thus dependent on imports and global corporations to survive. I believe this offers a better path for the next 7 generations to follow us.
Please join me in spreading the word that there is another path that we can choose to take.


His backside is not so bad either, with the electric box hidden under the wood box.

The Comfort Cabin awaits its next phase, the porches on the front and side.,