Is She Blinking at You?

Did She Blink at You?

She’s blinking at you now,
thinking you will not know how,
but she’s far more clever than you’ll ever dream.

For in the blink of an eye,
no matter how you try,
is all the time it takes
for you to Truly See.

It is true that I have found
in the arch that is half round,
hidden ways to look into your eye within.

Tis the path these words will take
as the images partake
in the fertile soil of dreams
that you still hold.

This one blink seen before you,
was to catch your minds eye open,
and to hold it into dreams that you can see.

For the look upon her face now,
as she smiles with such grace found
under make up placed around it
just to catch your eye
and then to gently tease.

Once she captures your attention,
with a blink you have to question,
if she meant it or it was a flirty fling.

Though you go on knowing fully,
she belongs to someone only,
you will dream of her
long after she is gone.

Tis the secret of the blinking
as she passes by still thinking
of the ways that she would hold you someday too.

And it leaves us all to ponder
how a house of wood and wonder
could reach down into our very heart and souls.

Where she leaves her roots of Love there
where your inner dreams for freedom
come a calling for solutions to your life.

As she drives into the sunset,
to share Love for generations,
She calls back to all with memories we Love.

So her image in our grey cells
of her blinking her sweet blessings,
and inviting us to share the Love Above.

Its the source of her creation,
not just my imagination,
that has made her new life here so beautiful.

I am thankful to have known her,
to help homes to Pass on Over
so that we could have their parts that made her so.

May she bless you as she has me
in her coming I have found things
that will stay with me until the day I die.

And if anything should happen
that she pass before I’m certain
I will surely be compelled to truly cry.

For in coming to this lifetime
and in giving me delight now,
I have found new Love I never thought I’d see.

It’s the love I have for Mankind,
and the future we could have now,
and of all the things that Man can TRULY BE.
Darby 2014


She is a pretty girl with a wink and a smile that will captivate your imagination for a while.