It’s So Hard to see the Children Leave But to “Tiny House on Earth Heaven” they must go.

 It’s So Hard to see the Children Leave But to “Tiny House on Earth Heaven” they must go.

Off she went with eyes a covered, then when she got there…??????

Well the Zebu Sisters left the nest this week and traveled across Texas to Midland, far away.

So that is who I’m Named for she gasped out in Great Surprise!

The brought with them tears of joy as a storm hit that night after 130 days of no rain and pounded the town, taking out the power for 8 hours that night and giving them a new lease on life where water is everything, and life hinges on the rain, just like the salvage I needed to create this, it was free for the most part, taking nothing from the planet to build these beautiful Zebu Sisters, “Vicki and Sunny” ,

Woooooow, Look Dad can you see me up so high above the ground?????
Yes I can dear my sweetest child, like my dearest loving Son, except you’ll land on Earth again to now live and have some fun.

hmmmm what will their nicknames end up being as the Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun”  and Vicki Zebu are classics in their own right, they share in common many pieces of the El Campo House where we took down the parts and pieces that form the bath walls, in the Sunny, and Vicki both, amongst a few other parts and pieces hidden as dimensional wood, the bones of the beauty that will last the longest.

The “El Campo Expedition” can be seen on Youtube in its Free educational seminar forms, as a music video worthy of great awards, and in a gallery deluxe on Facebook if you can find it amongst the treasure trove on that site for now. is just one of the videos on the Pure Salvage Living channel


Otherwise, they share no common ancestors,

Nice muddy start for in the morning but it went well.  They opened up the girls eyes to their new home and they were thrilled to be there and jumping for joy, even rising 20′ into the air to land of the footings that will support them, for decades to come, at least.

Levitating of the “House of the Rising Sun” the Arched Zebu flies.

They were visited by Jill the Zebu who welcomed them to the ranch where they live very well as grass fed organic cattle, pets in this case as they will never be put to slaughter so like my children, they will be loved for the rest of their lives.  Here are a few shots of the process involved in getting the houses from my place to where they will rest until the next generation decides where they want to stay.

Here the girls are getting ready for the show. The eyelids are wide open now and “WOW! Where did we Go?” is the echo inside the walls you know.

Needless to say, these are big puzzles that go back together easily, if you know how and remember to bring all of the parts.

She is finally all unwrapped and looking out across her view. With her sister they are happy with the life they’ll live anew. They are sweethearts at a sweet place and no one could ask for more, and the parents are so happy they will sleep content for sure.

From bolts to fixtures, screws to screens,  there is so many pieces that we must track on a house as big as the Vicki Zebu, and when you are that far away, you do not want to have to go back 7 hours of driving to fix anything at all if you can help it.

With them sitting in the pasture looking settled in for now, you can feel the peace they bring with them, the Love, and promise now. They could have been a rotting, burned and buried as refuse. Instead they’ll live the lives of Love for two more centuries.



Who could imagine coming home to this after a birthing in Manifestation Bay, being transported across Texas and spending the night in the worst storm in years after 130 days of no rain in this town. The Zebu Sisters and some Organite rocked the Heavens and gave my Girls the grandest Fantasy one could imagine to lift their eyes to in the Morning of their delivery to their new Family and Homestead.