Here Is The Crew That Helped Float The Ark To Its New Resting Spot Where You Will Be Able To Come And Spend The Night With The Frogs At The Edge Of Walden Pond.

Its time to position the Ark near the waters edge… in case of a flood? hehe Oops, critters?

Nearly in place, forward just a few more feet so the tip of the deck sticks out over the water perhaps. hmmmm.  Maybe another hand rail in order.

Fable is helping decide too.



These are cheap trailer jacks I modified to make house jacks that have worked on over 70 houses so far.

So maybe the truck was smoking a bit.

But that was better than when it quit running entirely,

Just because Whitey couldn’t do the job didn’t mean we would not succeed, just that we had to push harder than I planned on, but did have ready just in case.

at which time we put Taki to use as the propulsion unit for the operations to finish quickly.


Here is the crew that helped float the Ark to its new resting spot where you will be able to come and spend the night with the frogs at the edge of Walden Pond.

At the water’s edge with the sunset on your doorstep. Tis a night to remember.

In another week the Ark will be ready for guests and soon to be fully off grid, or maybe after summer as an AC may still be in order for most folks in August and that is too much for just solar power.  In the meantime, I will be getting the place ready for the guests who will feel like they are floating on Walden pond at night, with the frogs and crickets at your bedside.

Please plan on a visit soon to Salvage, Texas to see what can be done with nothing but imagination, salvage, and human energy.