June 3rd Global Race..Temple Tantra and Vesper Casa hyperspeed around the world in 60 minutes….or less

The Race of Images and Words Around the World

My Temple Tantra awaits my call to Race around the world and back, while I look on in want and wonder awaiting our first night alone.

Here’s the First Race Round the World for both Images and Words that most people on the planet have not seen.

Vesper Casa from the front but her inside is where all the juice is for the moment.

It’s a test of how a story of two Tiny Texas Houses built from Salvage without imports, could go round the world near instantly for free.

Yes, in mere minutes clearing borders, passing customs like marauders, growing by each second till the resonance begins.

The Stained glass is like artwork with their equally artistic frames.

Some will think to call it viral, but it will be more like tidal as it flows like a Tsunami through our brains.

It seems the kitchen in this house gets all the girls on fire.

It happens every time we come to place in our path where the forces that have come to head have friction building fast.

We have a means to bond us usine words and thoughts of peace, using all the tools we have at hand to give us back a voice.

The door is sized to the fridge

It can happen just as fast you see, as the words you read this night, for by morning all the globe could know of the things we all can write.

7 species of wood for steps in the TTH StairTree to the Loft of your Dreams.

It is magic in a keyboard mixed with images and WUB, a World Union of Believers we can save the Planet that We Love.

The entry is a Teak surprise from India afar

This is a path of simple thoughts about what others trash, that is at least the look of  all the images I cast.

But out into the world they go with words and even songs, to tell of what can be for all if we can get along.

Though she only has a 230 sf footprint, porches and all, she’s big.

This is a way to turn the trash to houses truly fine and set you free from money that has left the people blind.

The treasures from our minds Awakened, lay all around for nearly Free,  Organic Tiny Houses, from your Wub, they come to BE!

The kitchen cabinets are not big, but then the cooking will be simple.

Pictures tell a story and these tell more tales than two.  They are samples of what you could do when your impassioned too.

My Wibs are symbols of my Wub,the Energy of Soul, and I offer them as sparks to light the passion in your goals.

The catwalk from the bedroom to the den.

To set you free from any box that holds you far away from imagination and the fuel of hope to Sieze the Day.

Raise up your will to think again about our Mother Earth and the children that will follow who will be left to endure.

Looking from the den into the Bedroom

I believe that we can stop it in a moments change of thoughts.  Yes the Wibs that we create with Wub, the Light that can’t be bought.

It is hidden in the windows saved from houses beat and worn, or the doors, the floors, and doorknobs that are mostly barely worn.

Kitchen shelving needn’t be the ugly stuff you used to see.

These are parts to build your houses but I tell you better still, you can build entire villages with nothing but your Will.

So do not just walk away and think these pictures are not true, for I tell you I have built it all in order to show YOU!

Contrast is my motto and this takes it to the max.

So that once you see what you can find around your world for free, then apply imagination and I’m sure that you will see,

these are houses that my thoughts create from trash folks gave to me, or from the parts I bought and saved to build a house for ME!

The back porch will the bathroom be,though now its really hard to see,

I Love to manifest my houses from the parts I see and share them with the world so that they do the same you’ll see.

I give away the pictures and the ways to do it so the people all around the world will learn so they will know,

a freeform bathroom counter.

You can house your families and your love in Salvage that is such, that the world looks on in wonder and wish they could live in one.



Please help these photos and words race around the world and see if we can establish a resonance that can help us create a  “World Union of Believers” in the survival of our Planet Earth and all the species that inhabit it.

Salvation through Salvage is a path for all to see.