Just One Chance….. to get a loan for…..Just one house…..but

I have a lender who says they can fly a loan through with a small down, easy qualifying in about 3 days, a good interest rate, 5 years payout so the payments would be high but the term short.  It would not show up on your personal credit as it is an in-house loan but: 


It can only be for someone in business who can use it for business and thus it would be office, studio, cattle ranch, Flea Farm, what ever is making you money as a business may be a ticket to getting short term low interest, fast qualifying financing.  


This does not likely mean you just thought of a business to start but rather have one that has been around a little while.

Now I only plan on taking a few more orders so if you want this for what I do great.  If you want the lender for what you want to do instead, great too.  Here is the info.  As I understand it, the interest rate below 6% by a good bit possible, 5 yr payout so the $50,000 tiny house for office down and bedroom up like the Writers Cottage in the $50,000-$60,000 price range would be financed by the lender over 5 years.

Here is the lenders application, info, and if you want to prequalify to see if you could do it, please contact Greg  by email


or use the app info.  It will be a high payment as it is short term, but that is also 1/4 the interest on a normal house loan and you should be able to write the building off your taxes, as well as the interest, 100%.

This company is willing to try to get financing for someone with a business to be able to use one so lets see if we can help them with one of may last to show it can be done for future Pure Salvage Organic Houses too.

Please let me know what this link produces for you in the way of a Tiny House.


The Writers Cottage is a fine Home Office or business House, in this case for writing as is here profession. Is this all you need. Can you afford nearly $850 a month for 5 years? Then it might be possible.

Here is what the form will ask for:



From:                Greg LeMaster

Account Activation Form


Alliance is please to extend a pre- approved line of credit for $150,000 to help with any upcoming equipment needs.  At Alliance we know that you want to finance your equipment with a company that has low rates, a simple process, and great service.  Please fill in the following, date, sign, and fax back to activate your account at no charge or obligation. Your business is very important to me and I look forward to doing business with you and your company in the near future.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 800-978-8817 ext 7115.

What are the advantages of financing with Alliance?


ü      WE REFUSE TO BE BEAT. Should you receive any quotes in writing that are lower than ours we can discount the cost of your equipment by up to 2 points from that lower finance quote.

ü      Flexible terms – seasonally deferred, 90 day deferred, and step-up payments that allow you to maximize your profits

ü      Equipment type – general, hardware, software, construction, manufacturing, vehicles, and much more!

ü      We finance both new and used equipment as well as private party and auction equipment from $5,000 – $2,000,000

ü      We can handle progress payments, deposits, and down payments to your vendor(s) on your behalf

ü      We now offer Short Term Working Capital Loans as well as Leasebacks on hard collateral



Company Name: Business Telephone:
Address: Business Fax:
City/ST/Zip: Email:

I will need financing for new or used equipment or vehicles in the next: (circle one)

NOW             15 days             1 month             2 months             3 months             6 months             1 year


Equipment Desired:                                         Estimated Cost:                                 Budgeted Monthly Payment:                

Principle Information

Principal Name: Title: Principal Name: Title:
SSN: Ownership %:: SSN: Ownership %::
Home Address:  City/ST/Zip 


Home Address: City/ST/Zip 


By signing below, the undersigned individual, who is either a principal of the credit applicant or a personal guarantor of its obligations, provides written instruction to (broker) or its designee (and any assignee or potential assignee thereof) authorizing review of his/her personal credit profile from a national credit bureau, as well as obtaining bank and/or other credit information as required.  Such authorization shall extend to obtaining a credit profile in considering this application subsequently for the purposes of update, renewal or extension of such credit or additional credit and for reviewing or collecting the resulting account.  A photostat or facsimile copy of this authorization shall be valid as the original.  By signature below, I/we affirm my/our identity as the respective individual/s identified in the application received.



X                                                                                  Title:                                        Date:                                       


*Prior to the disbursement of any monies, Alliance Funding Group, Inc. must re-verify credit and all bank and trade information, of which all must be in good standing.  All equipment purchased under this line of credit is subject to review and approval before disbursement of any monies. Alliance Funding Group, Inc. has acquired the information through public records and disclaims any direct affiliation with the aforementioned funding source.