The Choice Of Living Simpler, Using Less Energy, Creating Less Trash, Does Not Have To Be Without Some Luxury And Quality.  In Fact You Will Be Able To Have More Of The Most Important Things And Less To Stress Over If You Do.

Bring the Monty Grand Victorian to Salvage, Texas… Profit from Doing Good!

Welcome to my paradise called Salvage, Texas. It is a place you will not find yet on the map, for it is just manifesting from my mind into this world we call reality. You can come, stay for a night, and even walk about freely to fully grasp the scope of this model I am creating for those who wish to find a simpler organic path to live by. Please join me, support our goals, and become a part of the paradigm shift it will take to alter the course of our society, or at least a portion of it that is not out to fit in as a sheeple in the crowd, but out to find a peace and happiness that can be savored by the day, shared with those we love, and live to our highest potential.

If you think the Tiny House movement is not the forefront of a political movement to actually live like you want to save the planet instead of just bitch and live large while the world’s problems persist, then this is the wrong page. The pollution you create with your daily life is what you should focus on, the energy you personally use, the waste you create, the poisons you give your kids, and do more than just carry on and attack those who are doing something to make a difference. Live without your big house, car, and new clothes, big TV, massive electric usage with AC, appliances, and more. hypocrisy at its best is exposed on this site by watching those who do not live the lifestyle attack those of us who do. I do not have AC, AC electricity, running water, or other things I do not need in my master suite of a tiny house. I listen, watch, and know that many of the people getting upset by my stance on global and space weather are in fact using much more of the planet to live on than is their fair share if you want to talk about conservation of the resources. But….. will they change their ways or just get angry and carry on doing the same crap?

All of these pictures show what can be done with salvaged materials. The real purpose of this page is to share with others what is possible to use for creating homes, instead of new building materials, and how to create as much usable space as possible out of tiny spaces so as to help people imagine living smaller instead of larger, as most seem to be inspired to do who are over 40 years old. This is about how you could do better, build smarter, think about healthier living choices, village living, peace on the planet through our individual behavior, not just bitching to get it to stop, but doing what it will take to reduce the demands on resources and quit producing so much waste.

Not a few feet but much further, to the caverns full of mud,

Not a few feet but much further, to the caverns full of mud,

Only 80sf of Teeny Tiny Texas House, the Gingered Swan sleeps two and has space to dance and sit for a little snack or dinner. It also has a roof deck to watch the sunset. 955 Pure Salvage once again.

One of 75 examples of how different Organic Cottages can look, this one being only 80 sf downstairs. One of many examples of dreams manifested which let you know, more are on the way.

A floating bed can create amazing spaces as well as incredible sleep.Here you see the floating bed above the new futon double bed below that will allow for more usable space.

The Monty Grand Victorian living area with custom rolling game table.

The Monty Grand Victorian is a great example of what is possible with what some think of as trash. This is a house that most people could live in comfortably.

The Monty Grand Victorian is a great example of what is possible with what some think of as trash. This is a house that most people could live in comfortably.

Bath with a shower made from antique roofing shingles more than a hundred years old, Teak for trim above, granite for the floor.

Bath with a shower made from antique roofing shingles more than a hundred years old, Teak for trim above, granite for the floor.

White Marble for the top of the vanity with period faucets.

A nice long hallway with lots of storage and space for the washer dryer combo box at the end of the hall.

The Monty Grand Victorian had one of the most complex, and nicest kitchens of any we have done.


A fabulous kitchen with 19 doors and drawers in it.

The Monty Grand Kitchen was one of the nicest of them all.

All back lit with LED lighting in the bath and kitchen.

Here is a great example from the Monty Grand Victorian’s bathroom. Teak above adds to the flavor.

Big porcelain sink with a deep and shallow bowl and the double induction plate to the right in its performing position.

Nice kitchen shot with the induction plate drawer to the right on top of the counter. Big sink, lots of cabinets. This shot is from the Monty Grand Victorian again.

Giant fridge, freezer, and convection/micro wave oven all hidden away.


a Trundle bed (double twin pulls out from below which also converts to a King size bed.

Monty Grand Victorian for sale

Trundle bed, day bed, King Sized bed. Your choice.

Lots of room upstairs .

Check out the interior of this great house known as the Monty Grand Victorian. Yes, this would be lots of upgrades, but the great thing is, you could get all the cool parts here in one place, one stop, and then shop and design so you are ready to go this year.


Both a ladder and a door.

Storage behind the ladder.

Big back porch with screens for the right times and when the tax man comes around. Then add the windows for the cold and hot weather and open the windows to the house to share the heating and cooling.

From the back porch looking in, the Monty is still a great looking house.




Which door knob will let you in?????

From the back porch looking in, the Monty is still a great looking house.

See the pull out and disappearing double induction plate?

There are actually people who come to this site and just want to see pretty pictures of tiny houses and not address the issues in the world that are making it scary for the kids of the future who will inherit the consequences of our wasteful generations in America and the developed countries that are pillaging the tiny countries for their wealth. The madness needs to stop, and consumerism, promoted more by American TV and our society than anywhere else in the world, needs to change soon or the world will take its toll on the populations through sickness and food shortages, as well as many other consequences of polluting the planet.
This is just one of the solutions that we can take to heart and live by, to help create jobs, homes, and purpose in people’s lives, create solutions in a society desperate for a new path other than the American Dream of having it all and being in debt forever, locked into jobs few have a passion for in order to pay for it all.

In the end, it is the love, friendship, family, your health, and your happiness that are much more important than the things you will save up and stash inside a big house or wear on your big body. Wake up and you will find there is a simpler path to happiness without being critical and judging others for having an opinion that is not like your own, as we all tend to do, when we can agree to disagree and have discourse instead of deleting, unfriending, unfollowing, and trash talking because we have no better intellectual input or positive energy to add to the game. Don’t just bitch about what is wrong, be part of the solutions by learning the real depth and solutions to the problems at hand.

Does that have anything to do with the weather on all the planets changing, the sun cooling off with fewer sunspots, or the cause of the change in the weather on our planet, not really compared to volcanos, Gamma radiation from the cosmos, Solar radiation, etc? We are a tiny part of the big pictures and could be wiped out without much notice with the planet going on just fine, through deep ice age after deep ice age, then warming for a millennium or two for people and critters to flourish before more cataclysm occurs. Cycles people, if you look back at the ice cores they drilled lots of cold times and warmer times as well.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda, live a life that is going to better the planet, and keep your mind open to the new facts, data, and ways we are learning that do affect our planet more than we ever thought in the past when we did not have satellites, massive computers, and the geniuses to interpret the information with the guts to tell the truth instead of scientists who sell out so they get grants, recognition by the powers that be, and a moment of fame for promoting the party line. Wake up and think for yourself, do the research, and you will see the facts. Short of that, unfollow, unfriend, hide my posts, and keep on the path you have chosen for there is no better way than to learn but through experience if you refuse to have dialogue and learn more than just following what the narrative will provide.
So in order to help create a place where people can gather, share, talk about the possibilities, have music and film festivals, and even a market where all things old or crafted from this country can be bartered and sold. For the people who do want to know more about organic living, housing, and alternative health care, we need a space to meet amidst the biggest cities in Texas so I am creating Salvage, Texas to be such a place. Here are some pictures of the progress as a big part of the decks have been completed. Next the stage on the back of the building and the completion of the kitchen so the guests at the B&B with Tiny Organic Cottages will have a place to meet, eat, and share their thoughts in dialogue, not just a bunch of people agreeing with a delusional narrative out of fear of not being PC, which is supposed to mean Politically Correct but has turned into a means of suppressing free speech for those calling themselves liberals these days. Freedom of Speech is more important than being PC so hopefully, we will have a home for those who prefer Free Thought being shared to gather.
Pity the world cannot seem to agree to let others think for themselves but some people do want to see the day when the government can tell them what to eat, think, and do every day. May it bring them peace and may they allow others to know peace even when they disagree.


Please visit Salvage, Texas as it grows to be what it can be based on Truth, Freedoms to think, pursue happiness, and sustainable paths to a future for the changing times to come. Thrive, and prepare for the amazing world we are creating by the way we live today.