Little Sister Sits Out On A Lazy * Ranch With Her Big Brother And The Once Blue Gambrel.  Little Sister Was Another In The 11'x 16' Range.  She Is Not Much Bigger Than One Of The "Loopholer" Houses We Will Create In The Seminar Perhaps.

Like the sun and Earth, we expand with our dreams and contract to fit some of them into reality.

I started out the year making a bunch of plans for options to enable us to

continue expanding the salvage marketplace,

The parts and pieces of Salvagefaire that will be where all things old and salvaged, crafted from such human creative energy as we love to see abundant all around.

offering some of the spaces for artisans,

filling many with the massive inventories in the Tiny Texas Warehouses,

offering a few of the Original houses used in the B&B for sale to lease back and fund more work..

and sharing the opportunity to build,

to create,

and manifests your dream for a sustainable organic house one day in your future.

We planned on having some music and film festivals

as well as a market

to go with the recording studio in place,

B&B operations already in place,

as well as other events

but… it turns out I am but one man with a few volunteers who believe we could, but perhaps that was optimistic.

It turns out that many who promised to help, vaporized and we can indeed only accomplish so much without support up front to help fund it.  That did not arrive as I had hoped and thus I am now taking things off the table and re-evaluating what we can do, should consider at this point possible, or whether to just focus on selling materials which would let me rest for the rest of my life given the 100,000 sf of building materials under roof in the warehouses now.

So, there will not be any music or film festival events being planned for the 4th of July Week as it stands, unless we change the plan for the fireworks to be able to be shot off here as well as sold from here this year, not much more is planned for the summer events until we find groups that are interested in some of the rallies, and their events that might be held here in the future.  In the meantime I am working on the vendor booths for Salvagefaire and will be helping build some out for other vendors who want to be in the market as well, if they should decide to join us for the manifestation of the salvage based market.  To that end we will be having a giant salvage sale in June so keep in touch, sign up for the newsletter, or make a plan to be here and pick up all your goodies at great prices during that sale.  Please sign up for the newsletter for more information as it comes up.

It appears I am moving toward the sale and liquidation of much of what I once planned and leaving behind some goals that will require more support financially then I have seen interest in thus far.  I have come to terms with the extremely unique nature of my business trajectory and that few can see the promise of profits, their sole driver for investment, in spite of my projections showing it is quite possible.  So it goes.

The Gingered Swan gets to view the Sunset from its Balcony and hear the songbirds sings in Morn. At night it has the choruses of tree and pond frogs conversing with crickets and nightlife.

Along the way, I have looked at the niches that Salvage, Texas could fill, as a venue for rallies, festivals, and spaces for people to create and make a living from the various aspects of living off the grid, organically, sustainably, and with the hope the as more people consider and take this path, we can undo a bit of the consumerism that had dominated our country for the last 60 years.  Hopefully the viral Spend-a-flu will be subdued over time and the debt slaves that are freed will be examples for others to follow one day.  For now though, we are simply modifying our plan to provide some of the tools it will take to transition into sustainable housing on a diminutive scale compared to what is being built in modern subdivisions.  While this solution is only of interest to a small portion of our society, I believe the desire to build organic houses of all sizes will grow as people become more aware of the damage our houses, environment, and waste cause to our children, our selves, pets, and the planet. Pets are usually the first to show signs of a toxic home according to this website. The toxins are more concentrated in the areas not meant for humans.

This was the first house we sold so long ago. It was the biggest Cathouse built in Texas I do believe, for 9 cats when I started, 7 when I finished, but i do not know how many made it to live there. This was 10′ x 12′ with window seats for each cat and a feeding room to keep them away from the food.

As we learn more about such pesticides and chemicals that have been used for decades which we now learn effect all life with the equivalent of female hormones that turn male fish into egg carrying uni-sex creatures, Atrazine being the proposed cause, and yet we continue to use it without restraint.  The same is being done in the building industry as we ignore the issues that are causing massive respiratory, immune system, and other health issues that are becoming clearly associated with the materials used in constructing modern living quarters of all forms, houses, condos, stores, and office, with little concern if the symptomatic reactions are in a small enough group of people who are hypersensitive.  They can be drugged and treated easier than eliminating the source of the problems that will develop in others over time.

Thought about pushing her down the road when the motor stalled, but there was no rear bumper to push on. Oversights.

I can only be thankful for the many gifts I have been given thus far and the opportunity to have given what I have thus fare to grow this dream into a part of our social fabric in housing concepts and options.

I created some examples of the potential of mixing all the different things into one house that most would never think would go together. In the end the public loves the look, but can not afford to pay for the work as few have money and banks were not so enamored with the houses as to offer financing. Just as well, I did not want to sell them like pancakes, but to show what we could do if the support were there in the banking industry.

I have been told repeatedly to stop pointing out these issues and telling people stuff that will just scare many of them.  I can no longer continue in the path I am on it appears as there are many who do not like what I have to say, and the reasoning for doing so is to help others, but in doing so, the cost to the business was generally one of lost revenue as people did not want to hear it and change their path, but instead run and avoid the issues for as long as they could deny they exist.  I have found myself questioning if people really want to know much of the information the research in Tiny House construction, health issues, and other due diligence exploration into the issue that we would face with the movement toward tiny housing that began more than a decade ago now.  My alternative view of using salvage materials for construction to create sustainable toxin free housing has gotten some traction as others test my research and learn the same things, that what is being created and sold to the public had critical flaws that will cost the buyers in many ways and not turn out to be a good investment, let alone a house they should begin living in until it has outgassed and been modified to have enough air to be lived in without the health issues caused by that one factor alone.

Still the research and results have not been received well by the budding industry of Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) and I understand why as it negates massive profits that come from building with cheap products but is possible because they builders are not required to inform the buyers of the health issues and other problems that will ensue after the purchase of their product.  It is still a buyer beware market and the sellers are winning and paid in big profits for now.  Having spent over ten years being the shepherd crying wolf, my turn is over I do believe for my desire to be the leader in that assault has fallen by the wayside as the minuteness of my results becomes clear.

A decade and change ago, when I was a young man, I had dreams that I could do more than I could. I once Imagined outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize or fade away, and I am willing to take a big risk to help you figure out how to get involved too.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world and now the new website that is the most advanced site on salvage in the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the globe. Please join me for the next decade as the knowledge is shared and millions are empowered to break free from the Matrix. I don’t think it will be long before we see the 100th Monkey Effect in sustainable Organic Housing and it becomes a wave of change our culture embraces in the future.
While I may not be able to fulfill my goal of showing how to build an entire town from salvage, the site will take what we have learned and hopefully share it so others will have the stepping stones it will take to go forward on this path.

So, where do I go from here?  I have not been building houses for other people to take away now for over a year and a half as I have proven the point I set out to with the 75+ houses already created that prove this is possible to manifest houses using 95% Pure salvage, no imports, and to build it so as to last for a lifetime of the buyer.  We have proven it can be a healthy house in more ways than we even imagined when we started because the research proved that so much  of our health problems are linked to our houses and habits in eating and exercise.  I have learned things that have changed my life for the better and brought me a quality of health and pain free living I never knew prior to 58 years old and at 62 it just keeps getting better.  I will have a few seminars to show the Loopholer to the public, demonstrating what I have learned and how to manifest solutions in the fastest and easiest fashion, for the least money and effort possible to get through the loopholes created by all those who do not want this movement to survive.  The first seminars are in May, more if it is successful, but if not, and others do not want to know, grow, and prosper with the information gleaned from the last three decades working with salvage, then I am done with this portion of trying to teach others what I have learned and will go on to enjoy my 60’s doing the things I never got to do while working 80-100 hours a week for nearly 30 years.  Thank you, thank you for the opportunity and body to live so long, so well, and have such chance to go on to other tasks ahead.

I do not know what path I will be taking as we transform the Tiny Texas Houses brand into the Salvage, Texas destination point where others can learn how to take what I have proven is possible and grow it to the next level.  Subdivisions, villages, and towns created out of the treasures of the past are a path we can take that does not necessarily conform with the United Nations plan for all to live in the cities, but I for one do not want to move to a city and believe I can make a bigger contribution to the planet from outside there, in fact here, in Salvage, Texas.  I hope to prove we can built the infrastructure, the markets to teach, sell, barter, and share the ideas and ingenuity of others, from the elders to the kids with the great new ideas and inventions outside the box of conventional thought.  We can do so much more if we pull our heads out of the TV and use them once more to solve the problems of the local world around us first, as the global players are far out of reach to influence.  Locally we can overturn the rules that stop people from using salvage to build, open thus the door to jobs for the kids, resources freed up to ship out of town and bring money back to support the elders and townspeople abandoned by the industries that left empty buildings, devastated neighborhoods, and ghost towns in their financial wake as they wrote the assets off for tax breaks and abandoned the towns across America.  We can recover and do more.  I promise that this path alone could fund it if the support was there from the locals to put some programs into gear that salvage the resources, thus create jobs, build with the salvage, creating more jobs and housing, and then, thanks to reducing the utilities needed to grow again, and having money pour into the local economy as the salvage that was a detriment turns into the cash flow that feeds the people of the town.  Then they put the surplus being salvaged into the empty buildings that await as storage for future inventories that will either be sold or used to build the town again as the economy thrives once more after unleashing the assets hidden all around the city or town.

Here is a less rounded view of a portion of the warehouses.

Massive warehouses full of materials at big discounts to members, and the goal is to open more smaller outlets at Co-ops near you.

Hardware can be expensive. Each bowl in the bottom of this display can hold a couple thousand dollars in doorknobs.

60+ matched doors with Schlage hardware on them in perfect condition. $75-$100 each.

We prefer clients make an appointments as we have over 100,000 square feet of warehouses full of stuff. Part of the warehouses are in Gonzales which is 16 miles from our main warehouse which is about 20,000 sf.

The idea of having warehouses now empty being filled with all the great materials our children will need to build, what we as a retiring baby boomer generation can help stash away, rather than let the buildings sit empty, landfills run out of space, and our resources get trashed.

We can see this as an opportunity to put millions who need work into a position of reaping the benefits, not just a barely sustaining job.  Please consider all of the people who need housing, opportunity, and the fact that only Americans can do the work it will take to open this treasure load of building materials, architectural treasures, and embodies energy in the form of cast iron sinks, tubs, doors, windows, and much more made with the human energy of our ancestors that can not be replaced for the simple cost of picking up the pieces and cleaning them up to be used again to build a home, family, nation, and economy.

Why is this so hard to get across to the millions who need it at a time when it can do so much good?  I do not know exactly how I am failing to get the message out to the millions who can do so much with it.  Part of the issue is that people have to want to look into the alternative lifestyles that this entails.  That means not fitting in with the millions of suburbanites who rush to the offices and retail jobs daily without any hope of moving up the corporate ladder of ever getting far ahead of the costs of survival.  Perhaps, as the awakening of so many is happening so fast, this will catch on in a flash at some point, or die a fiery death when I give up the ambition to create the path that could spread this across our county.  That point is on the horizon as I edge toward the end of my life knowing that few have chosen to support this path financially, with human energy, or support that will give it life if I can not do it by myself before my time here in this vessel is past.

The Gingered Swan is one of the houses still available for the seminar weekend. It sits on the ponds where the frogs sing in chorus, the songbirds call in the morning, and the caverns offer a cleansing with clay and mud that helps ground you and let you relax with Mother Earth. It’s all part of getting to come to Salvage, Texas for the weekend and write it off against the taxes you would have paid the government, if you decide to invest in this great new industry by supporting in in one of many ways possible.

To that end we are trimming down the expectations of what I can do and will continue to do so if I continue to see there is really not a path that I can manifest, and I will instead focus on finishing the fantasy story in its book form about how this could happen one day.  While begun as a novel to write and take to the world, my book turned into a lifetime of experiences that manifested most of what I started writing about long before I know any of what has come was possible.  It is near time for me to give up on manifesting a physical version of what the book was about and focus on just writing a story about what could have been, created by a character that might one day exist in a place where such fantasies are possible.  I am also planning on clearing out a bunch of inventory that was once planned for houses in Salvage, Texas.  Great deals on packages of doors, windows, flooring, and much more will be available to members who wish to come and take advantage of prices they will rarely find and the plans, guidance, and proof they need to create their own version of a dream home, no matter what the size.

Big Brother is part of a set of three that this owner has gotten so far. The ranch will potentially fit two more to form a nice circle around the drive in front of the main house.

Here you can see the metal being used for siding as well as the roof. Heaven is looking much bigger now. Imagine yourself living in a house like this if you like and then set about manifesting your dream. We can do it if we are willing to commit the time and labor, the love and determination.

Need more space, have more tiny houses and pay less tax than on big houses too. So many solutions, so few takers. Amazing without grace.

This is the entry to the house I called Big Brother.

Here are her siblings. The Diamond House was the next biggest.

Here is a drawing of a proposed Tiny Texas cluster of tiny houses where the bigger house is in the middle for everyone to gather at, have a large kitchen to share, extra loft for village guests, and a laundry area. This would be like a B&B in our Tiny Texas Houses Fantasy Land.

This was not in a Tiny house but what I built in a bigger house for someone who also bought a Tiny Texas House. Never do that again.

The Beaumont house has the biggest kitchen we have done.

The entertainment venue is off the table, the market will progress, the villages for people to live in will be simply a large and unique B&B operation that will let those who wish to come to healthy retreats to learn how to take care of their body, mind, and spirit, to expand and grow their creative energies, and perhaps learn about how they can grow their ability to tap the powers of the universe into their dreams and manifest them.  I hope to be able to record on video the great minds that come to visit, to share their wisdom and advice, and to grow a place to visit, not in great crowds of partying crazy kids, but in community about sustainable living and preserving, as well as improving upon the gifts that we can pass along to the generations that will inherit our world when we leave.

For those who follow what is going on here in Salvage, Texas, the birthplace of Tiny Texas Houses, thank you for your support.  I am not sure where the path will lead this year, but it will be one of reduction of my plans, the shrinking of my dreams for these solutions to be adapted and morph as needed, where needed as it falls on mostly deaf ears.  I understand and accept that I am due to tuck myself away and focus on other things for I have created enough turmoil and disrupted things enough for now.  Thank you for your past support and hopefully I will still come up with things to do worth hearing about now and then as I contract and enter a new period of communicating less, savoring my privacy, remaining time on Earth, and stepping entirely out of the business world as soon as I can facilitate it.  May you share and spread the seeds I have sown and see them grow into bushes that spread the pollen of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ever further.

Once again, thank you for reading all the way through one of my never ending blogs and sharing the ideas that might do some good for others you know along the way.

Brad Kittel


Amazing what a decade in this business can do to a person. Heh!