Lillie got Foamed Today

Lillie Got Foamed
Lillie Got Foamed up today,
an undercoat of sorts.
Her white dress tucked in neatly
and her innocence unspoiled.

She is still due for skins and more,
a kitchen and a bath,
kept simple and quite natural,
a peaceful quit path.

Lillie gets her foam undercoat, but not like your Gram did.

Though naked on the inside,
Her light shines bright and True,
She knows a Peace like none of us,
and shares it’s Love with you.

Another view of Lillie too, with Icynene around, I truly like it best so far of all that I have found.

Her parts are born from many homes,

pre-formed from Earth to Flesh,

as trees they lived for centuries,

as homes they passed all tests.

At 32′ long she is the biggest I have made, for more than this you need another Tiny Texas House, a master suite, a guest room, or place to get away.


She’s not the least embarrassed
if you see her in the flesh,
for her Faith is strong,
Intent is Pure,
and True her whole life long.


The front door with the sidelights, which are “New Old Virgin Stock”, cypress from a hundred years ago, made an stored for us to use today. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.