Looking down from Tantra Heights

Looking down from Tantra Heights

I love the view from up above, and the feel from down below. Its hard to tell it is a Tiny Texas House at all from inside.

Saying hi or saying good night, it’s a great view to do it from.

Looking down from my Tantra Heights,

the bedroom where I’ll sleep the night,

the den where I will write my poems,

and work to bring solutions

so that everyone has homes.

Tis a Tiny House so full of dreams
and packed with love and more it seems,
For in it I feel something fine,
an energy that is divine.

It is the flow of the universe,
the energy that makes this verse,
the thoughts that spring from in my heart,
the dreams that fuel each day I start.

Please join me on this wondrous day,
and leave behind the past I say,
Step up to being all you can,
and help to make Earth whole again.

Its time for actions more than words.
Its time for each to become Pure,
for us, the species in control,
to not flush Earth down Hell’s deep hole.

We can do it if we choose.
Take out the leaders who refuse,
to bring the peace that Earth could have,
instead of digging brand new graves.

The time is coming I believe,
when the masses finally will perceive
and realize the price we pay
to let the richest lead the way.

It sadly is the Truth that rules,
Corruption sucks in all the fools,
the leaders do what makes them rich,
the public pays, and life’s a Bitch.

Yet such is not necessity,
tis not the way it has to be.
Thus soon the tide will change its way
and we will see a brand new day.

If we can not get them to join,
and help to bring peace to the world,
then it take a kick to groin,
for Freedom’s flag to be unfurled.

So join me from my view above.
It comes with nothing but Pure Love.
I send it out to Wake you Up,
and hope it has thus filled your Cup.

What can you do with a space like this? After all what could come from such a tiny section of floor? A door?