Looking out the Back Door

Looking out the Back Door

Here is the back door and sidelights that will open to a back porch for taking off the boots, chaps, and other Cowgirl paraphernalia on a rainy or dusty day.

Looking out the back door,
feeling what I see,
I wonder what the morn will bring,
when I am finally free.

Let me leave the city,
Let me leave the stress behind,
give me back a simple life to live
that I can not seem to find.

I want for peaceful mornings,
Not traffic and a rush,
I wish for time to read and write,
in the silence of the hush.

I want to hear the birds sing loud
as the sun comes up each day,
and listen to the crickets chirp,
as the sun slips fast away.

I simply want a Tiny House
to live in while i try,
to pay for all the Spirit’s gifts
I have savored in my life.

I yearn to pay back all the joy
that has come my way and share
the Love that God has given me
to demonstrate I care.

Please join me in my escapade,
into the future bright,
where I plan to live a simple life,
where I plan to do it right.

Darby 2113

Upper and lower walls exposed still, but the loft will be very special on this Tiny House.