Rafter Tails A Looking At You From The Ide Of The Loopholer As She Comes To Life This Week.

Loopholer updates as we put the next pieces into place… a follow up seminar to finish what we started.

We did not really let many of the public know as we had enough guys show up without putting the word out, but this is a great chance to learn how we create a house from what most consider trash.  Join me as we post some pictures this week of the progress.




Here is the walking board for up in the rafters. bit battered but good.

Helping create a model for the people who want to use the Loopholes to create houses where others do not want them to be.

Rick has joined us from the Dallas area for a few days too.

Rafter tails a looking at you.

Always check before you put the rafters on to be sure the house is straight. After this it is a nightmare to correct and hide.

Theo helped orchestrate this seminar and is the one to thank for everyone being able to get together again. Great group of guys.