Love is my Sea of Creativity

1890’s Original Faux Painted Leather trim on wood.

Love is my Sea of Creativity

Vicki Zebu’s Porch goes on and may look plain at first.

Starting simple on the porch roof
but the ending will be finer 
than the average person might imagine, 
for the pieces I have planned for it
are unique in many ways, 
but the way they’ll go together 
will likely dazzle and amaze.Hope you get to see it finished, 
even walk the floor of dreams,
fore she ships away to Midland 
where she seldom will be seen.On a ranch so far away from here
where seldom I will trod,
She will spend the rest of my life there 
and still live ever strong.

She is built to last more lifetimes
than the one it took to learn
how to form the parts of houses gone
into the home you yearn.

This is one of the two windows from and 1880’s farmhouse in Iowa.

If my pictures tell a story
It is of the path to take
if you want to find simplicity
without money first to stake.

It is all about the Freedoms
and what is for Free to you
If you exercise your vision 
you will find this much is true.

There is so much treasure waiting
for the human energy
to dismantle and reuse it
for the hOMes you want for Free.

They will last you through your lifetime,
and your children’s lives as well.
They will raise the generations 
you will surely leave it to.

Here is the place for your tabled dreams, eating blessed food, and simply writing letters to the ones you Love.

The salvage that makes up this home, 
could be within your reach
so I’ve proven with my actions
and I try so not to preach.

But I can not help but share the Love
and the Light that comes to me
When I pour my life into the hope
that I can help Man see.

We have all the wealth we need on Earth,
a paradise it was,
Until we stopped respecting it
and turned parts of it to Hell.

From the Bathroom to the kitchen is a short walk yes indeed, but the view while you are going is unlike any you have seen.

Let’s go back to that simplicity
that comes with looking in
and seeing what we can give back
so that all of us can win.

The prize is what we have to leave, 
for those we love who stay,
when our lives upon this planet end
and we move on our way.

Just a splash of color and were through, or perhaps a doorknob, plate, or two.

Please take this image into mind,
allow it to take root.
Consider what you do today,
that will grow the sweetest fruit.

Give all the Love you have inside,
Then know there will be more, 
Like imagination, let it flow,
Love is my Sea, you are my shore.



Tis a house of many arches, can you count what you can see, for there’s over 30 arches in the image that you see.