Lucky For Me I Have Great Helpers.

Making Earthly changes, creating places for Organic Cottage Living the Salvage, Tx. Way.

Yes the water is a flowing,

the vision is a showing it’s face,

soon to be graced with greenery, 

as we grow this incredible place.

I do not plan to fill this space with people, 

For the goal is to free the many sheeple,

by showing what is possible with the salvage

most consider is just trash.



It does not look like much of a hill of dirt, but it takes a bunch more than imagination to grow it I assure you.

Lucky for me I have great helpers.

Up, Up, and more Up.

I love the colors of the newest ponds.

My and my girlfriend Taki on the side of the mountain, sharing some dirt together.

Yes, you could think about falling or sliding off the side, but not a good thing to do while up there.

Drive up, back down, drive up, back down, drive up, back down, drive up, back down, drive up, back down, hundreds and hundreds of times.

I have logged a few thousand hours in my best friend on the planet in metallic form.


Imagination alters Space through Time…
and the Proof is in the Product of our Life.

Once upon a time, there was no water.
Not a drop did sit upon our ground for long.
The birds had little food to eat thus seldom came to sing.
The frogs were non-existent and the turtle crossed the land.

But now they live in harmony, with fish as well as birds.
The sorghum and the Milo grow with corn near all around.
The sunflowers are rampant,
I swear there is much more,
and from the water yet to come,
a paradise in store.

So few will get to live here,
amongst the wildlife,
and permaculture gardens,
to exemplify this life.

The joy of manifesting just a sample of the dream,
and sharing it with others who will take it to extremes,
is what the journey is about,
not money or great fame.

Wii do what we believe is right,
and share it how we can.
Creating with our talent
the new paths that lay ahead.

I see the Lights fantastic,
I am guided to create,
and to share with those few in the world
who share my dream and fate.

Wii are the Artists and the guides,
where imagination rules,
as we reach for new solutions,
instead of being fools.

Once Awakened to the Narrative,
it no longer grips your mind,
the dialogue the follows
holds the chance that you will find
the way out of the Matrix
that holds you like these words,
as if there were true meaning,
in belonging to the herds.

The sheep and cows,
the followers,
the people who don’t care,
the ones who think that war is good,
it really gets quite sad.

How do we win the masses who are blinded by the phones?
How do we reach through media that rules the night at home?
How do we counter schools that disable all the minds?
Is there any grand solution we can join around in kind?

Yes, there is if you so seek it.
From within the Light will shine,
the Passion for your Life you Live
With your Purpose well defined.

What can you give in service?
Can we Live a better world?
Can we Do what must be done this time?
I believe Wii can unfurl…
a flag of Global Unity,
Simple words that do define…
The Source that we can tap for all
Wii need to be sublime.

As the planet goes through cycles,
Those that Man can never stop,
Wii will find through Global Unity,
Our way to Thrive, not drop.

Prepare for living simpler,
outside the city Life.
Perhaps grow food and friendship,
instead of a new house.

Join with family, those you Love,
Share all the days you can,
creating new solutions
to prepare for whats ahead.

July 4th, 2018

Need a spare rope… keeping one nearby.

Maybe a few braids to keep a bit cooler on the hotter days?

My oh my, nearly 63 and counting on the future to keep me getting younger as I go.

In the distance you can get a view from the top of the hill to where I stood below.

Up the Fibonacci spiraling walkway to the top of Miracle Mountain.