Massive Stocks Of Small Batches Of Flooring 150-350 Sf In Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, In Several Sizes No Less Too.

Mason created a little video to introduce the Warehouse moving Sale for Members Only

Yes, for the first time ever, we are putting all the stuff up for sale in the warehouses in order to reduce the enormous task of moving it all to Luling. Nearly 100,000 sf of inventory on the floors, under roof, and looking for a new owner at wholesale prices you will never see in the Architectural Antiques stores.
Here is the new Youtube video on our channel showing you a bit more of the opportunities ahead.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

This rare event that make take a couple of months to make a dent in the inventories is an opportunity for those working on project of all sorts. In order to initiate moving, setting up the new buildings to store stuff for sale at Salvagefaire Marketplace, and to generate some income for the people who will be helping salvage, build, and create Salvage, Texas in its future form, manifested from the many things you see in the warehouses. Seems Like Endless Possibilities so why not join us to get your imagination in to full gear.

Look around, Heh, and see how much there is.

More than you can imagine, almost makes you dizzy.

Here is a less rounded view of a portion of the warehouses.

Entire library with Black Walnut and Cherry Wall panels, doors with Moorish Arch and in great shape too. bigger than a 12 x 12 room.

Feet anyone? Lots of tubs and the cool feet to go with them.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.