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Massive 1900’s home in San Antonio Texas

I need…

To get an old house or structure off of my property
If other, please explain
This house belongs to Catholic Workers or San Antonio. The city has contacted us and we cant afford to repair it. My name is Anthony Franks. I am a staff member and am looking at options to recycle the materials.
Tell us about the building or room to be deconstructed and removed –
Early 1900s. 2 story. Double wall construction. Wood floors. Additions on rear of the house. Wood siding.
What is the approx. Size of the Buiding(s) L x W or S.F.:
3500 sq ft + or_
Where is the Location of the Building(s)?
622 Nolan San Antonio Tx 78202
What do you want from the deconstruction?

I just want building removed cleanly and the materials to be reused by others so they don’t go in a landfill
When do you want to get started?
I’d like to have it removed in the next 1-3 months
Please attach clear photos of the building (preferably .jpg or .png)
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Anything else we can help you with? Comments?
This house is in an older section of town which is being gentrified. It is unlevel due to soil conditions and cedar pier construction. We are a non profit organization with limited funds but we believe in preserving natural resourses .
Anthony Franks
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