Materialization and Manifestation in the Temple Tantra

Another Day of Matrix with a New Twist on the Way

Aged Cypress that was likely 400+ years old when taken down by the floods in 1998.

As we open our eyes, both on the outside and In,

We can see the new Dawning,

the One where We Win.

United our Passion is Power Unleashed!

The Sword of Love is Gods Gift!

One We Each have to Give.

Tis the Heart of our Spirit that feeds us our strength,

The Light that can Charge Us,

The Spark that Ignites.

We are but Receivers linked up to our Souls,

One Spirit United on Earth should unfold.

As We Join Together the Power will Grow

Untied We are One that Can Change all We Know.

Darby 2013


The Tantra Ramp from office to bedroom. Wall’s on the removable upper portion of the roof goes on first. Then the Tongue and groove ceiling will follow in a nice blue.

Be Aware but do not Fear

More of the acts in the Nation’s New Play
are unfolding as we greet each exciting new day.
The powers at work are no mystery now,
but the ways that they act will not free us somehow.

Beware of the fear that your enemy seeks,
Be aware of solutions that strengthen the weak.
Find your Power within to control that without
and the Love to fuel all things still good in Our Lives.

Wake up to the real world that grows while you read,
A world we make up by what we believe.
Be aware of the dangers but do not avoid,
defending the freedoms that we all enjoy.

The freedom to think as we must to survive,
creatively seeking the path where we Thrive.
The right to join closely in Love to preserve,
the values we cherish, the the right to be heard.

Here are my size 14 feet next to my plank path to the other side of the inner world abyss.

Stand up to your fears now,
Awake and stand tall,
Don’t think that Big Brother
will come solve it all.

We must find our strength now,
to each act alone,
and yet joining together
to create a new One.

The Us that can make it,
Through all kinds of storms,
The Union of Mankind
that must now be formed.

It is the ReUnion of Souls into One,
that will save our Great Planet,
our Species, our Lives.
One purpose United to Save what we have,
One goal that Together, will let Us Survive.
One Spirit that gives us all Lives Full of Love.
One last chance for Power
that Comes from Above.

Darby 2013

Want to see inside? Are you ready to expand your mind and look outside the box.

windows and wainscot.