May Madness at TTH, Savored, survived,

The Stained glass is like artwork with their equally artistic frames.

The Stained glass is my weakness when it comes to my design.

I must have all my favorites and frame them each divine.

No one should be the same I think except for those few pairs,

but even they are different is the littlest of ways.

This will hold a half bath though you will not know for sure.

The goal I have in my designs is mixing all in one,

creating from the dreams of men who lived so long ago.

Not wasting parts but changing them

to fit the dream I have,

I still believe that what we make,

should last until the end.

Looking over at the bedroom cross the not so great divide.

The stained glass opens to let in the breezes of the day,

but close to hide the bright sunshine where  in I want it to stay.

thus I can work late in my office,  sleep in peaceful Light that way.

Sleeping in the bedroom will be fine.

I have another house or two that I am doing still.

Such houses as no one has seen will make this space seem full.

Then all at once it empties out and quickly we can see,

that we need so more Tiny Houses to be build for you and me.

The ladder is not finished, needs a post and more to find.

Manifestation station

Brings you Love and sweet elation

when the Tiny Texas Houses finally come.

They are all that one could want from

all the beauty and the Love that

Someone made so many decades long ago.

Lets not forget the Vesper Casa sitting in the wings with her Treestair to the heavens where she’ll keep here queen sized bed.

So for now I must get going

but I hope you are enjoying

all the images and seedlings that I craft.

By the stove there are some shelves that no one sees these days I know.

For you will be seeing soon that

I want all of you to do this,

and I plan to show you all you need to know.

A bathroom counter but you know, I must still change it more.

So be watching for the lessons,

and a chance to come and learn here

so you to can make such magic out of trash.

We used a different corrugated on this for the lines. I like it better for the windows and the doors lines. Don’t worry the white washes off.

For the salvage is a growing

as more people get to knowing

that the path to freedom lies down Salvage Road.

Mixing Mesquite and porcelain.

So if you need some salvation,

and are tired of this nation

making promises it simply can not keep.

and you know you can do better

than a trailer or a shelter

so I offer you this Freedom as a choice.

The under counter storage for the secrets you can hide.

Please don’t just look on in wonder

take this like a bolt of thunder.

Let it Wake you Up to all there is for Free.

The bedroom with more light to see.

For if you just Wake and wander

you will find so much you’ll wonder

how you ever missed the treasures all around.


a close up of the shelving

So now that you see the houses,

built from old and ugly pieces,

that with care will form to houses so divine.


If you simply put to working

all the dreams you have a lurking,

in your head just waiting for the open door.

Vesper from the front door looking in

So get up off from your bottom,

Go out looking for some houses,

gather barns, and buildings,

treasures one and all.


She is finally all unwrapped and looking out across her view. With her sister they are happy with the life they’ll live anew. They are sweethearts at a sweet place and no one could ask for more, and the parents are so happy they will sleep content for sure.

Then join with the friends and family,

churches, groups of common meaning,

and show what the Love of all of you can do.

Don’t want to forget to show the new kid on the block waiting to be renewed
1956 Airstream waiting for a spot in Manifestation Bay.

It can take a home that’s squandered

turn it into homes that all yearn for

and make it for a price you can afford.


Levitating of the “House of the Rising Sun” the Arched Zebu flies.

Its a path to a new meaning,

building houses out of nothing,

but imagination, and your Heart and Soul.


The “House of the Rising Sun” at home
Zebu Vicki or just Sunny to friends.

But of this I can assure you,

if you do you will be powered

by the energy of something you will know,

when it fires up your passion,’

and ignites your hope for all things,

that you find you then can do with what you find.

Darby and the Little Red Rustic Mascot in the background.



Once empowered you’re unstoppable

and helping all you know

so they too can find their freedom,

so they too can have a home.


Darby 2013


I hope you enjoyed our little end of the month tour.