Meet Some Of The Family At TTH

Meet some of the Family at TTH

Here is a great little video produced by our favorite Red Buffalo Studios that introduces who some of the players are in the never ending show at Tiny Texas Houses.  These are the people who make the magic happen and there are more, but our stars shine bright and the reach of the light we generate grows further every day thanks to people like you who share it with others and open up their eyes to what can be done with 99% Pure Salvage.


Here is the link:


This is a great piece with some cool music in the background with our real and original sound effects.

Great job Heath.

We have been approached by a major network to possibly do a TV series on how to create Tiny Texas Houses and possibly the entire set of  villages and the Salvagefaire market to go with them.  Imagine if we could duplicate this a thousand times across the US.  A new industry awaits that will provide work, housing, and a future without imports, more toxins to make houses, and with the promise of reclaiming the best parts of our past, both physical and spiritual, to help us get back on track as the compassionate Humans we are supposed to be and respect our Planet and the people who will inherit it, as well as the generations past that gave us all that we should be thankful for and preserving until it has reached the end of its usable life instead of the end our our fancy.

HOPE you like the look from the inside.