From Hardware Dating Back To The 1830's To Roofing Tile, Doors, Windows, Tubs And More... Largest Warehouse Sale For Architectural Antiques And Lumber In The USA.

Members Only Warehouses Sale…. Why? Benefits? Discounts? Liability waivers!

Yes, one of the primary reasons the sale is for Members Only is that you will need to sign a Liability Waiver to wander through the vast warehouses in Luling and Gonzales.

It is like going on a hunt in a Salvage and Architectural Antiques Jungle with trip hazards, glass, windows, doors, and floors that all can cause you harm if you are not careful.

Pulling out windows to look at them, doors, or walking in dark areas where people seldom go in search of the ultimate unique corbel can lead to minor injury, slivers, cuts, and more which are not common in your super clean retail centers and big box stores. Here your flash lights are valuable tools for research, your gloves protection from slivers, cuts, and bites from critters that might be hanging out in the warehouse (not likely), but important all the same. Some of the doors can weigh in a a couple hundred pounds, as can the windows in their jambs for storefronts from the 1800’s.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

Best of all you will get to apply the cost of the membership to purchases so that you really do not have to pay for a membership if you do happen to buy a few things from the massive warehouses you will get to explore. Just that trip is nearly worth the 1 year membership cost of $75,000 (would you believe $75 instead, Whew… big discount huh?).

I am only taking people in on limited showings by appointment only so as to be able to keep track of the people for safety and be able to answer questions, quote prices, and explain some of the many selections as well as show some of the stuff in the hidden nooks and crannies that would other wise never be found.
Want a Walnut and Cherry paneled Library, barn doors, unusual sidings, giant planks of Pecky Cypress, Long Leaf Pine, or big beams, that and more are on hand and ready to be cleared out of the decades of collections by SalvageGuru Darby.

Ticket windows out of the St. Louis Train Depot for example are 14′ long and 4′ high. Tubs, sinks, beams, lumber, tin for roofing, or siding, bricks, and all kinds of crown, mouldings, and trim for doors and windows, or the jamb stock to build out and frame in your sashes from amongst our thousands of windows sashes, many with original hand blown glass.

More than you can imagine, almost makes you dizzy.

Look around, Heh, and see how much there is.

Entire gable ends (3) 14′ wide.

So there are several reasons for becoming a members besides the great opportunity to come to this sale, but we will also give a credit for what ever the membership cost was toward the purchase such that the 1 year membership will bring a full credit against your purchase for $300 or more, the 2 year membership good for a full credit against a purchase of $500 or more, and the Charter Membership good for full credit agains a purchase of $1,000 or more.

You can use part of your credit to stay at one of the B&B houses or a set of plans as well, such that you can come that way, get a set of plans for a house, and apply the rest of your credit to the purchase of parts to build it with. Have you ever seen an offer like that before?

I do not have the personnel to be able to have large crowds come and just wander and look around so I recommend getting together with a few friends who have an equal interest and need so as to justify the trip down and the couple hours it will take just to see all the stuff in the warehouses, let alone pick what you want most. Ideally the appointments will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and perhaps on Saturday late afternoons, and Sundays for a few weekends in January and February. Loading of large lots should be planned on a separate visit from the shopping venture so that we have the people on hand to do so relatively quickly. Smaller loads up to a pickup size we should be able to do the day one comes or else know ahead if the purchase is assured and I will have extra help ready. Here is a link to a video on the sale. a great photoblog with more pictures and info. The warehouses in Gonzales are gigantic, and the one in Luling another 20,000 sf packed tight and high. I hope you can join us for a venture into the parts and pieces heaven of salvage mining and architectural antiques.

If you have more questions, want to set up an appointment to shop in the warehouses, please be sure to join us as a member, give us a call, and lets find your dream parts for your Organic Cottage or houses in the woods. is a great way to learn more if you wish. You can also call the offices at 830-875-2500 and leave a message if we are busy or out in the warehouses.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.

I have 32,000 square feet of this incredible Japanese Cobalt glazed tile. Imagine the sunlight rippling across or the rain pouring down the side when I am finished, with plants along the path to the top. Gardens held together by a rim of blue, French tile, and red brick, along with a few more things I imagine before I am done.
What is it?

So if you have had the desire to go on a Salvage Safari into the biggest architectural antiques Warehouse jungle in the USA, then join us as a member soon, take advantage of the giant discounts, and come visit us here in the Heart of Texas where the weather always warms back up after a few days of ugly cold spells.