Welcome To My Paradise Called Salvage, Texas.  Seminars Are Coming Soon To Show You How To Create A Paradise Of Your Own.  It Is A Place You Will Not Find Yet On The Map, For It Is Just Manifesting From My Mind Into This World We Call Reality.  You Can Come, Stay For A Night, And Even Walk About Freely To Fully Grasp The Scope Of This Model I Am Creating For Those Who Wish To Find A Simpler Organic Path To Live By.  Please Join Me, Support Our Goals, And Become A Part Of The Paradigm Shift It Will Take To Alter The Course Of Our Society, Or At Least A Portion Of It That Is Not Out To Fit In As A Sheeple In The Crowd, But Out To Find A Peace And Happiness That Can Be Savored By The Day, Shared With Those We Love, And Live To Our Highest Potential.

Millions will abandon the North, Mass Southward Migration & downsizing imminent for Baby Boomers and younger!

Welcome to my growing wonderland, a paradise created out of salvaged materials and imagination, with tools as old as me, used, worn looking, but strong, able, and producing results that will amaze people who have never seen what can be done if we simply believe and put out the human energy it takes to change the world, one day at a time.

Many are not aware of the massive changes in the weather patterns that actually appear to be leading us into an ice age next, not an Uncle Gore Warm Spell that will melt all the ice and keep us from ever seeing snow again.  Now that his fairy tale is going into the trash and the population is forced to look out the front door and see the snow, the flooding from incredible rains, and the coming food shortages that will result from the lack of planning we needed to start 3 years ago that will take our food production indoors under greenhouses like much of Europe, and still, they will have epic problems ahead due to the shortage of food, as has happened more than once in the recorded thousand years.  Truly we are entering a period of great change, little of which has to do with what man does or does not do at this stage.  The sun does not pay attention to the workings of Mankind and is affecting all the planets, not just Earth as it cools off and goes into a hibernation state that we have read about and thought of only as a myth.  Now we are realizing the stories of the past have credible foundations and we are about to experience what the sophisticated societies a millennia ago faced, the unstoppable forces of the Cosmos, energy beyond our ability to control bathing the entire planet and affecting us in ways we have yet to understand.

Growing our own food, raising chickens, fish, and food on the land we live on rather than depending solely on the grocery store shelves to survive.  This is a path we have strayed too far from as a society in the cities and we are about to lose the memory of how to do this as it only takes three generations of forgetting to have great knowledge get lost to future generations forever.

Another new hole, a new potential pond, a place for life to grow in ways it could not without water all about.

Soon miles of shoreline will allow guests to walk in the woods, hear the birds, see the food growing, stay in an organic cottage to feel what it is like, and then take the seeds deeply planted and nourished, back into the world you live in now with the path to a simpler place and life you are instinctively being drawn to live.  Do not fight your instincts as you are drawn to awaken to a new lifestyle.  One of being healthy, of giving of your life’s knowledge so that others might live better in preparing for the generations that will follow and clean up the mess we have created over the last few hundred years of dominating the world through wars and greed, through capitalism on steroids, and Mass Media Brainwashing of the society to the point they believe in a world existing that does not actually exist except on TV.

Eat your way out of the box.

The best book on Tiny Homes for shelter in the world, and our Red Mascot is on the cover. My first born organic cottage in the 80 house series unmatched throughout the world.

Treasure is relative to the perceiver. Perception is relative to where you are viewing the event or life form. I see the treasure, I live in paradise, and I am Happy… and with less than I have ever had in possessions, I have found solutions that money could not buy.

A hole is nothing but a space to be filled with wonderful thoughts, actions, and like water, it will come to life when you give it that energy of Soul, the Wub you have coming from within, the Light that makes the candle burn so strong that passion takes over and there is nothing left to fear.

Make ponds out of the holes in your heart and fill them with Love.  Make creeks out of the barren wastelands of your past, fill them with tears of joy for your rebirth of Spiritual energy that will flow through your body when you are Awakened, Enlightened, and thus escape the Matrix and join us in the Rapture that comes with Believing in your SELF, the Soul/Wubtron inside your shell of clay and water you know to be your body.  Love it, care for it, feed it well, and it will send you signals from this plane we live in, the carnal world, to your Spirit that gets to experience this paradise, this life of lessons that we can grow by and know Love in, to experience that which is beyond reach as an energy being without body.

We have to stand up at times to pray, to speak out where the message can be heard, that is it wrong to take advantage of the poor, of the people who will not stand up because they know they most likely will lose. That is not cause to let bad things happen, and get worse until they are of no value for the children in the schools pay the price for this failed system throughout their entire lives of ignorance caused by a broken education system in this tiny town.

I realize the words I write will not set well with some yet help others hear a call to Wake Up and take control of the life they are living rather than let the circumstances steal your hope or passion away. We have many solutions but most will take some work. Salvage, Texas is being created to show people what some of the other possibilities could be if we want to look for them and work to manifest the changes it will take to set things right. We must live our Truth and be willing to defend it with our life or accept being slaves to a system dedicated to limiting our potential in life. LSD does just that to the children. Help me stop the damage by sharing the story of how LSD has proven that reality and hallucinations are not the same.

Fight for your truth and you will never feel regrets for battles lost due to a lack of forces rallied for the Truth when it is in danger.  Today the truths are being colored by the media, the facts hidden in lies and disinformation.  Please take the time to prepare for what could be that is not on TV.  Prepare to do more than just survive, Thrive in the coming times by getting ahead of the crowd, downsizing now, and doing in a way that will set the pace, the bar to build healthily sustainable houses instead of a few giant companies making incredible profits selling poisonous toxic boxes to people desperate to downsize but to ignorant to know how to do it and stay healthy, help the planet get healthier, and to have something to live in that will last them the rest of their lives and be affordable until they choose to leave this planet and body, as well as leave a healthy house behind for those they love.



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