Here Is A Side Shot Of Her Back Porch Wall Awaiting Her New Porch.  These Two Are Growing Up Together But They Will Not Stay Together Once They Are Ready To Go Home.

Miss Lillie comes to life so fast, too soon she will go Free.

Miss Lillie has her hat on and it is a toasty brown. This metal roof originated in Quincy Ill. and came to Texas just to be on a few Tiny Texas Houses.

The back porch side of Miss Lillie will be enclosed with screens and glass to go behind once the Tax Man goes away.
She is a plain girl with a passion,
for her family, love, and life.
She’ll do her work without complaining,
shelter and care for her wards,
be there when the storms are brewing,
holding out the wind and cold.

The front door has two sidelights that will open for a breeze, but the door and windows will do more and look pretty as you please.

She is a mother and a blessing,
born to raise our sights and minds.
Please see that others so much like her,
Want to come to life again.

From the inside with the braces you can barely see how big she is, but once we get it open she will seem a giant home.

Watch and listen as she grows now,
From a pile into a home.
Know that when she gets to nesting,
She will never want to roam.

two pieces of her stained glass, not to fancy but still fun, she’ll likely only have three but they will look good with sun.

She will stay for ever onward,
Long past the time that we are gone.
To shelter those you leave her Loving,
Caring for them like her own.



Miss Lilly stained glass shots

A peek at the tight end of Miss Lillie’s space in the TTH Manifestation Bay. She will need to be roller skated to a new spot soon as we dance the houses around and release the Temple Tantra to go to her new home.
Lots of good shots coming on the blog on today. I will post here when it is done but Facebook rarely lets all the people who have liked me know since I do not buy their advertising.
Hope you get to see more if you like this one.

The bathroom gets the stained glass that will hide the flesh from view. It will also make the bathroom more inviting and subdued.


Here is a side shot of her back porch wall awaiting her new porch. These two are growing up together but they will not stay together once they are ready to go home.