Here Is A Side Shot Of Her Back Porch Wall Awaiting Her New Porch.  These Two Are Growing Up Together But They Will Not Stay Together Once They Are Ready To Go Home.

Miss Lillie’s inner skins are different than your average house.

  1. The kitchen area is finished and the loft goes on top next. The gable ends look beautiful and will now pass my test.

    What makes it seem so different?Something special in the wood 
    you will not find in sheetrock.
    It is the texture and the lines,
    the color and the secret.

    The chromosomes that form the wood
    unlike the gypsum board,
    do not contain the fly ash
    and the mold spores by the hoard.

    They do not have asbestos 
    like so much sheetrock does,
    and will not need the latex paint
    that poisons as it dries.

    The wood is aged and harmless.
    It will last a hundred years.
    It will not need repainting 
    as the lines stay there and clear.

    It will not melt if water falls
    upon it day and night.
    In fact it will be good again
    if you simply dry it right.

    Then someday down the line a ways,
    a century or two,
    the wood can be removed again
    and once more be reused.

    So while sheetrock is cheap and fast,
    and popular it seems,
    I still prefer my walls of wood
    to any ‘rock I’ve seen.


    A long view down the length of the house with all the wood installed. This is a 12 x 32′ and it looks huge by our standards.

    Here is a good look at the end wall with the gable done at a 45 degree angle. The end wall is covered with wide strips of Long Leaf Pine that are 12″ wide for a unique look.

    Here is a side shot of her back porch wall awaiting her new porch. These two are growing up together but they will not stay together once they are ready to go home.