The Inside Of The Master Bedroom Is Relatively Plain, Just The Wood And Windows To Enjoy Before You Sleep The Night Away.

Miss Lilly comes to life inside with Walnut Oil and Love

You can see the difference easily and could not do without, for the Walnut oil brings to life the grain you can not see.

Holy Miss Lilly,
what a difference Walnut oil makes.
Its like she came alive today,
at least that is half way,
for you see the difference oil can make
in just a single day.

It lets the light
pass deep within
the pores and cells God grew.
Then with that bit of helping hand
the beauty does shine through.

In fact I dare say none can beat
the grains Sweet God did grow,
when he brought that tree to life
that lived for centuries you know.

The lines of growth that give it strength
are dark and tightly spaced.
The give it more than modern wood
Could muster any day.

In fact there’s no comparison
for strength, for looks, for life,
than Long Leaf Pine from Virgin woods
that give us this delight.

So please remember when you build
that salvage wood is best.
Please help to save the planet
with the wood that’s passed the test.

It has survived for centuries,
not simply 30 years
that it takes to grow a new tree
after older growth was cleared.

Preserve, protect, and pass along,
a world made for kids
to inherit with enough still left,
to have a home like this.


The cabinets came to life today as oil soaked right in and let the light and life show through where it can now be seen.

The bedroom wall is sumptuous to look as as you slip into dreams of what the world could be if we don’t waste these things.

The kitchen and the bathroom with the peephole to the light that comes through stained glass in the shower and the other side.

Looking to the bedroom wall you also see the Oil as we close in on the center and bring life to all inside.

The inside of the master bedroom is relatively plain, just the wood and windows to enjoy before you sleep the night away.