Miss Lilly Keeps The Boys Pinned Down, She May Not Let Them Go.
They Were Sure To See More Than They Thought,
When There Under They Did Go.

Miss Lilly gets her Kitchen On, come see her drawers exposed.

Miss Lilly keeps the boys pinned down, she may not let them go.
they were sure to see more than they thought,
when there under they did go.

Miss Lilly gets here cabinets for her kitchen all in wood, Long Leap Pine to be specific, and still building more to come.

Miss Lilly grows a kitchen

Miss Lilly gets here kitchen on,
with her drawers all open wide,
but this shot is of her calmer moment,
with her drawers and doors her pride.

Her stained glass shines like make up
on a shy girl from the ranch,
Not much but just enough to make
Her feel she’s sweetly graced.

Still left without a countertop,
nor Oil or shelves to come,
perhaps a door below so cute,
special parts to make it fun.

Then fully grown and decorated,
ready for the show,
She leave like all the others houses,
Hence to be a Loving Home.


Stained Glass in the bathroom through the window in the house.

Miss Lilly’s giant Peephole

The bathroom inside windows 
seem to be the way to go.
They let the breeze blow through the house, 
and let the stained glass show

It gives the bath a sexy look
to tempt you to see more,
perhaps a body in the shower,
but not one on the floor.

It is too high to see someone,
parked briefly on the throne.
It creates a sexy feeling
in a quiet space alone.

This window trim sings out its song,
to frame with lines of growth,
that dance about the sides and top
and never time can slow.

Together stained glass and the frame,
will hold one’s eye and more,
it will add to how this house feels,
and the way the air will flow.

It will be a conversation piece,
that never will run dry,
when every one who enters 
will be thrilled by what they spy.



Here she is with her drawers out. Can you see what is inside?

Not bad for just a guesthouse. I could live here all the time. Its a spacious 12′ x 32′, the biggest you will find, for a Tiny Texas House must be thus as it’s defined.