There Miss Lilly Sits Now Fully Oiled.  She Is Looking Great And Feeling Like She Is Nearly A Full House.  Soon My Dear, Soon.

Miss Lilly is aglow with life and Tung Oil

Miss Lilly has a Glow a going now that she’s fully oiled.

There Miss Lilly sits now fully oiled. She is looking great and feeling like she is nearly a full house. Soon my dear, soon.

Miss Lilly has a glow about her
with her Oil on.
She has the wood and features
that will call to you at night.

She’ll haunt your dreams
with images of peaceful life there in,
and give you inspiration to
downsize and let things thin.

She’ll call to you to simplify
and join her in the woods.
She’ll whisper out your path to you
and lead you if she could.

For she is but a vision,
made up of Love and Trash,
to guide you to a thinking
of a home instead of cash.

A future where you can relax,
a place to settle down,
and live in for the rest of time
that you will be around.


With 3 drawers, a few doors, and some shelves, we have a kitchen, but not just any kitchen. This one is solid Long Leaf Pine with a countertop made from a single piece of wood that was 24 inches wide.

The big view of the living, kitchen, dining, and bath areas. All natural, toxin free, and waiting for the big move to begin being a special place for everyone who comes to visit.

From the kitchen looking back to the bedroom and door to the back porch.
This is a big house by our standards.

This will be the front side when were finished with her porches. Full width open on the front and 3/4 closed in and insulated on the back porch.