Thought About Pushing Her Down The Road When The Motor Stalled, But There Was No Rear Bumper To Push On.  Oversights.

Most people don’t imagine what’s possible, like a Tiny House Hot Rod? You?

I love to imagine the possibilities and even play with them in reality some times.  Here are some shots of the alternate versions of how Temple Tantra, my personal home could have turned out in a slightly different world.  Understand only one picture in the batch is photoshopped but some will not understand how, why, or what became of the Tantra Hot Rod that I once built in Manifestation Bay.  This Hot Rod never got to run a mile, but it sure looked good preparing for it.

So what happens when you mix a good bit of imagination, a bunch of salvage wood, stained glass, doors, and other parts of our past into a stack of substance I call Temple Tantra.  Well you can not get it licensed or race it down the road…. that much I learned.

You can not get into the drag racing circuit so I guess I should have asked about that before putting it on wheels and installing the Hemi and turbo chargers.

Can’t even get insurance for it because it sits to high to drive under bridges.   So…….???????    Guess we will just have to fly her instead.

Here is one of my rare flying houses, but I will not be offering any of them for sale in 2017. heh

Here is what happened to the Temple Tantra Hot Rod when we couldn’t race her down the road.

Thought about pushing her down the road.

Yes she was set to do the quarter mile to the back on her own, but we had to use a different way because the motor would not fit in the closet.

The steering is cleverly hidden up on the top… heh.



So lets look at some alternatives.  How about sitting atop a big hole in the ground?

While we are at it, lets set some stuff under it to help fill up that mysterious hole.

How about an RV?

Well heck, there is this container just sitting around here too.

Wow, it fits!

Up, Up, in the Air, with my shiny little tiny house,

How do you fill and cover these holes?



Thank you, Thank You, no one got hurt, the flight was amazing,

now for some dirt.

From a distance you can see it, now set in and resting fine.

This a couple years later, the work out space for in the mornings.

You can see the entry to the caverns below that stay cool, 50-60 degrees year round.

My caverns with pring rain water for mud baths that release the toxins from the body through the skin.

The path to Temple Tantra, and the home I love so much.


This is just a small part of what I am doing at Salvage, Texas and I look forward to a few people being willing to invest in a few houses to make a great income, but also to support the other work still ahead to get the stages up, the venues going, and more houses out in Salvage, Texas for people to stay at, tour, experience, and emulate one day.  Tiny Organic Cottages built from 95% Pure Salvage, just like the town will be, and able to go on grid or off grid and survive, thrive in fact.

Join our community and support us with your membership, come see some of the concerts and film festivals starting in June of this year, finally, 2017 will be the grand opening party on July 4th week.  All members will be invited and it will be limited in guests as we only have about 5 acres that will be used for the events in the beginning.  Thanks for being part of our vision and helping by joining us, sharing, participating in the events, and most of all, for considering the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance as a path that you can follow for the rest of your life.



The sunset holds so much to see, the passing of each day, and gives us hope from what we learned to find a better way. Please join me in this new phase of a plan that could change the world, one life at a time.