Motorcycle & Vintage Car Rallies at the Heart of the Golden Triangle: Salvage Texas

Yes, I am opening up the door to now promote the Motorcycle & Classic Car  Rallies at the Heart of the Golden Triangle: Salvage Texas 

Anyone want to buy a great Honda Goldwing to store at your garage

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through Salvage, Tx. candy and fear trail. We will also be having some incredible parties on the weekends so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

We are still going and growing for the celebrations of our new life and path as we realize that no matter how bad these things get, we will continue to believe we will Thrive, not just survive. Join us!

Imagine that you set up a space in the market and sell you old stuff, practice your art, music, or form of expression of your Spirits through your actions.

Camping for the rally guests as well as Organic Cottages created by Tiny Texas Houses, a bath house, and vending spaces for those who have what others want and are willing to buy, barter, or trade for… the old fashioned way to do commerce.  Contact us for more information.

One of the attractions and events we are launching with promises some great entertainment as well as a good excuse to put on your biker costume and come play your favorite role with friends.

This is not the final layout, so you cheaters who plan to beat the best maze time, give it your best to figure out what comes next. YOU may have to buy your way out if you can not beat the time I set, or it could be Free if you do.

What will the doors of opportunity look like to you. Do they need an open sign that invites you in or will you spot the opportunity as you walk by and turn before the door closes and you only get to wish you had looked deeper into the Lighted end of the Tunnel for a path you would never want to leave again.

This is a great location, next to Luling Texas on the cross country Interstate 10 where friends can gather from three big cities and play, then wander back without having the hectic traffic and costs of the cities to hold events all your friends can gather at.  Why not get out of the cities to get together instead of going from one traffic nightmare to another?  

Let us know if you or your group, Vintage Cars, Bikes, Trucks, and classic car rallies, imagine in costume for the Model T’s, we have some days open for more events if you want to put one together, I will provide the venue space for an irresistible price that will inspire many more annual events than I will have days to book them on.  Join us soon and see what you can reserve for your annual event in the middle of the best State in the Union, Texas.

What can we do to help create a great car or motorcycle rally starting and ending point for a weekend? We can supply the shade, protection from the rain, and location that keeps you near low traffic country roads, parks, rivers, and much more just a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour drive from any big city around, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston.

Volunteers will always get in free, and their help will gain them many credits on the road to manifesting the true potential of what we manifest together.  Please join me in creating something much greater than any of us can do alone, a model town that can go on or off grid, provide a barter market for food, cloths, and all the knowledge or parts for building sustainable homes that will last for a lifetime.  Thank you for thinking about our goals and what you can do to share or support creating a venue where we can share organic lifestyles, sustainable living, and a healthy way of looking at living that frees us from the matrix of consumerism and waste.