Above The Trees Into The Sky, The Miracle Cottage Just Might Fly.

Move over Tree Houses, Miracle Mountain Top Cottage is nearly Here!

Move over Tree Houses

Floating in the sky, resting in the tress, this cottage will be seen from around the entire world.

Move over Tree Houses,
Miracle Mountain Top Cottage is the highest of them all.
Built organically,
without a planned out drawing,
without an engineer,
with an imagination
that no drug on Earth can cure.
It is the fueled by Mother Nature
and my goal to set her free
from another generation
using damn near all her trees.
This is an Art House built up high
where all the people driving by
will have to claim in disbelief,
“How did that house fly up…
“Good Grief!”
Haha, Indeed it did not move,
it grew up from the top like seeds,
and reaches to the unknown spaces
deep within your minds.
It is the hook that has the bait on,
tempting all to take a look.
What could it be that he is doing?
Is Darby Real or just some Kook!
Alas, the Willy Wonka of the Tiny Houses Realm,
sets off to make a statement that no other builder can.
To reach up to the stars to find the clouds to sleep upon,
and thus empower all to see their dream become their song.

You rarely see me use the term Green building but in this case, I will, since much of the Miracle Cottage will have the original green milk paint through many parts of it. Filters ad the word without words.

I Sing the “Song of Salvage”
and I’ll sing it till I leave.
It’s a song I Live and Dream by,
it’s my Purpose I Believe.
Please join me in my escapades
to teach the world anew,
that we have far more solutions
then most people think we do.
Let us raise the bar of quality!
Expect the very Best!
Not from others but from each of US,
Wii are the proof, the Test.
If Wii can Join United,
all the Beings of the World,
Wii can change the way the leaders choose
as Chaos gets unfurled.
As the waters rise,
Volcanoes blow,
as storms with record hail doth grow…
As lightning strikes like never seen,
the snows and heat Wii plan will show.
It is the time for Earth to cleanse.
The time for all our wounds to mend.
The Time for Peace and Love to Rule,
the season for a brand new school.
New teachings that bring Peace at last
where wars were fought long in the past.
Till times when Wii will live so well,
and of these bad times, we will tell.
But from the madness and the chaos.
Life with Thrive once more anew.
If you have the Spirit working,
this will be the time for You.
Awaken, thus Enlightened go forth.
Change the world you know today.
Do not wait to see more proof now.
All you need is on its way.
Darby Lettick
July 2018

Imagine taking off into the vlouds from this great ship. It soon will have the power to take you up there to shift.

In the moonlight comes a wonder…
Dreams that could put Kings Asunder.