What Will The Doors Of Opportunity Look Like To You.  Do They Need An Open Sign That Invites You In Or Will You Spot The Opportunity As You Walk By And Turn Before The Door Closes And You Only Get To Wish You Had Looked Deeper Into The Lighted End Of The Tunnel For A Path You Would Never Want To Leave Again.

Music and Film Venue Promoters needing Space? Salvage, Texas is Open for Business…

Yes the tents are going up to get us off the ground for the first year and permanent vendor booths as well as other events to come visit are in the works.

Please take a moment to consider if we can provide you with a FREE event venue for a music or film festival that might have a problem due to the issues of the weather than have messed everyone up so much. Please take a look at this option.

The permanent “Amazing Door Maze” that will incorporate some of the thousands of doors that I stock, with many of them actually being for sale too.  This will have many amazing things in it, from antique door hardware, hinges, windows, locks, and much more to dazzle, frazzle, and mix up those who come to see if they can get from one end to the other when the doors do not all lead to Rome.

Antique Door hardware, grills, hinges, latches, and so much more in the best selection you may ever find in a single spot.

Unusual glass for the bath in the White Swan. She is getting prettier by the day now. One more oiling, a table mounted soon, and on to the trailer very soon in preparation for the ride to her new home with a Texas Hill Country view like several of her brothers and sisters already out on the ranches.

Temple Tantra is in the midst of a remodel, making spaces where I found I could, so soon there will be twice as much space to use even more efficiently while feeling more open.

From hardware dating back to the 1830’s to roofing tile, doors, windows, tubs and more… largest warehouse sale for architectural antiques and lumber in the USA.

Another shot of the pre 1900 Long Leaf Pine doors.

Here are the Butternut Doors with the support in the middle that drops down when the bed is lowered to carry the weight in the middle in case thing get bouncy.

The doors to the commode stalls are nicely arched and full of color.

The idea is that we have the space, 16,000,000 people within an hour and a half drive, and we can give you venue that will let you tap them all for less than you could do it in any of the three cities, with much less hassle, costs for permits (nearly $0), and we will help you not just promote it, but video the event and broadcast it from our on site recording studios. 

Salvagefaire main offices where we will be working with the vendors, including a Uhaul service on site.

Ticket window from the Halletsville, Tx. railroad I salvaged 25 years ago was still waiting for this spot.

Some of the shelving ideas we are using, all parts salvaged on the whole place of course.

The offices where Cat will meet and greet some of the vendors and the windows will be for check ins of the visitors, amongst other spots.

Some of the architectural elements I will be putting out in the spaces under the tents dedicated to salvaged parts and pieces that could be selected by vendors to build their spaces, houses, studios, and other options we will be offering to the right people, and not the wrong ones. NO new imports, resin based molded junk, and general new toxic toys. This is intended to be a market for artists, sustainable living advocates, Organic living lovers, and other alternate paths we public may choose to take.

The DJ booth, security lookout, and just plain strange spot up high is going to look a bit bizarre when it is done, intentionally I should add.

Oh yes, do not forget that I will supply the materials for building out vendor spaces for Salvagefaire for people so as to keep all spaces incredible.  Your cost for the labor for a typical 12×15 or 15×20 space will run from $1,500 to $4,000 to include windows, doors, and roof, as well as some drop down tables and loft storage.  You can get one with a sleeping loft so as to stay in your space on the weekends you want to work an event or market, you will always have first rights of refusal.  We use it when you are not, and the rates for the long term will be most generous for those who come on board early and surprisingly get to pick out the best spots too.  Some premium spots will have limited lease terms of no more than 5 years, but the vendor structure will be moveable too so they can change down the road if they like in some cases where we build a stand alone unit instead of a stall.  Get with me if you would like to create your fantasy vendor space for all the things  you could sell to the millions who drive by our front door each year along our stretch of IH10.

The Red Log Cabin may be finished in time to be available for staying in overnight too, especially if we get an investor who buys it with our leaseback program so they can both use it and make a great income from it when they are not here.

Gypsy Too is one of the possible houses to invest in that will stay in Salvage, Tx. and pay a 10% annual return on purchase price paid annually and 30 days to stay in it each year until we are done leasing it back from you and you can take it away one day.

Yes you could even invest in a house in Salvage, Texas with the chance to live here, or just use it for staying here for events and letting us lease it back so you make an incredible living from the proceeds you will earn from an appreciating, performing, depreciating asset that others will envy and want to sleep in too.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

Indeed there will be things to come to besides the thousands and thousands of other things coming out of the vast warehouses that have supplied the Tiny Texas Houses with the greatest of selections to make them so incredibly unique.  Now you get to come and hunt, buy, and create your versions of Organic Sustainable houses.  You could get some of building plans and just get the doors and windows that would fit it good here.  You could take a seminar that will be offered to learn how to refurbish old windows, doors, and other parts of the old houses that you could use to build yourself a classic sustainable and organic cottage to last your lifetime.  Human energy is the key, and we can supply the rest, including the videos, salvage mining tutorials, salvage building tutorials, and much more.

Join us and visit the web site, the location with an appointment, and please consider investing and becoming part of this model of what we can do with salvage mining and salvage building to create houses, buildings, and towns from the best of our past instead of throwing it in the dump.

Please get in touch if we can be of more help in guiding you to the world of sustainable organic careers that will put you in the lead on the trend of the coming decades.

Darby Lettick