My Miracle Cottage rises up above the Trees, flies in the sky amidst the breeze?

I am creating a small gallery to show the next few steps as I spend the week to fabricate the new house of my dreams.  It is a beauty yet to see, an image I know soon will be a place where many want to come and learn how they can have some fun.

This place will bring you winds of wonder, change your view of what can be.  I want this house to be my transport to a land of:


“What Can Be…”

Join my on my new excursion,

into places few will go,

when Awakened in confusion,

this is where I come to Know.

Up atiop this lonely mountain,

none alike in all the land,

I have built a tiny house that

very few can comprehend.

It isn’t trash stacked up just neatly.

Tis built to take some storms.

Its a Magic Cottage Symbol

of the next stage of our Growth!


Be the Force that makes a difference!

Be the power in your life!

Don’t look to others for excuses!

That will only lead to Strife.

Awaken to the Light within!

Hope will empower all!

Who see you doing what you want,

fueled with passion from the Call.

Join me Salvage-Warriors

From all across the lands!

Salvage Builders need the parts

To create with their strong hands.

Carpenters and Masons,

Lifeskilled in many ways,

the people who can build new lives,

will Thrive in the coming days.

Darby Lettick

July 2018

Life can be Black and White,

Or it can come in colors, but monochromatic…

a narrative based on meaningless words

that mislead instead of define, like Green.

Instead Wake up to what we can do

if Wii clearly see,

that the only thing that makes a difference

is the Person you call “Me”.


Live like you know this and the planet will thrive.

Darby Letick

July 2018

You rarely see me use the term Green building but in this case, I will, since much of the Miracle Cottage will have the original green milk paint through many parts of it. Filters ad the word without words.


Join us by sharing these seeds on inspiration to consider the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance as a path to take in the future you may build with wood and other things.