May Your World Be Full Of All The Things You Seek And Want To Share.  May You Find The Things You're Looking For And Don't Forget To Care.  I Pray That You Will Find The Love That Makes This Life So Good, And Give Back More Than What You Take Before You Leave This World.

My, My, My, how time does fly… till all is but a memory: Wii Turn, Turn, Turn…

A Season for everything, as Wii turn, turn, turn into a new phase of our lives.  Not just on personal levels, but on societal cycles, global weather cycles, and so much more, tis a season for all things to grow, and die.  One is not worse or better, for neither can exist without the other.  At some point, Wii are creators, at other points the Destroyer.  What Wii do with the parts is so important, but it does not seem to be apparent to the masses most affected by the consequences of the changes that come next.

I am indeed filled with the light that glows new every day, it is the light within my self that keeps me here at play.

I offer some solutions that will work for those in need and a path that could be followed by the people who are sad.  I offer different purposes, the sort that lets each grow.  I want to wake up people who will share and help it grow.  Yet as I watch the people look about and say they want, they will not do the work it takes and thus their hope is lost.  Thus given the responses, the lack of action still, the failure to participate means that nobody cares.  I look and wonder at the way the words flow from the mouths, but actions never follow and the problems grow and mount.  I wonder at the character that calls out in the night, to sing a song of salvage to the moon when it is bright.  Some think he must be crazy, no less than truly weird, but he finds his bliss in simple things with gratitude that’s clear.  He writes a simple story, full of characters and tales, a fantasy for some who read, a path he may have trod, but no one will be sure for he is gone now, can’t be found, so all that he has written has been left near all around.  Yes, words have traveled ’round the world, they seeded minds galore and laid out pretty images of houses to inspire… and so much more.

The houses that I created were meant to be the seeds to show what could be done by so many others who might see.

Now seeded and well-watered by the fates that come to Earth, the reasons for downsizing has become the calls for most.  Truly this is how the story ends as it begins anew, the person who creates it passes on the gifts to view.  But what would happen if the masses did not give a damn?  What happens if the heirs to treasure do not see its shine?  If blindness to the Spirit, the essence of our life, prevails and gets lost in the Things that fill our lives instead.  Distractions keep the masses on the path to where they’ll find, there is no way to get back to the life we left behind.  I wonder as I watch the show, not on TV or the news, the world is changing fast now and the masses are like sheep.  The money leads the masses and it feeds them dreams instead of food, believing that the world is like the movies on the screen.

The beauty was necessity, the need to catch the eyes of the masses who were thinking that this stuff was really trash.

Join us in preparing for the cycles that come on and change the world of weather, alter life on Earth for all.  If you think you are not in the game, somehow will not feel pain, then you are not Awake yet for Wii all will feel the strain.  Thrive or die, not just survive, some cannot believe its true, that so many will be suffering before the cycles through.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the following and words.  They have been good for feeling like the world would follow through.  But action seldom follows the words I loved to hear, that gave me hope and kept me going when the end seemed near.  Alas though as the changes happen quickly and to all, so few can see this path to be a place that they would call.  Thusly we do learn and grow.  We concentrate our energy and focus on the things that we can change, not the whole world that is truly so far out of our reach or range.  I can not do it all alone, but lack the hands and minds that it would take to do what should do while there is still the time.  Yet few arrive to act instead of telling me to do the things that they will not and also let me pay, it True.  So I’ve decided that some goals will simply go away.

One Wow shot after another. My baby is looking good upon the Mountain that I made.

I am shuttering some plans it seems I can not manifest.  It would take some people of a grade that it seems will not attend.  Money drives the people now, not passion or their dreams, the hope to make a difference if they’re paid to, they’ll pretend.  So I must make decisions, based on life hours yet to live, the value of the hours, the value of my friends.  What do we do if others do not want to share the love for what we could do for the world before we go Above?  Incarnate we are capable of doing many things, but the purpose of our being here is hard to find for men.  Why are we here?  What purpose bound?  Are we sane or normal, or are we simply outcasts who can’t fit in with the fools?

No water stood before I imagined what could one day be.

The time has come to make the moves, decisions based on fates, for so much will change in the year that follows thus it is too late.  Wii must speak out the Truth and share the paths that Wii have found to deal with what is coming as Wii face these changing times.  Savor every day my friends, enjoy the life you live, and I hope you’ll get to visit when you pass by, that you’ll give, a thought to how this Salvage I have stacked up here to see, is meant to be a path for many who want to be free.  It is but one example, quite sustainable you’d see, if only more would work for this, a Paradise could Be!

Up the Fibonacci spiraling walkway to the top of Miracle Mountain.

The epitaph has not yet written for the story still goes on, but the hole is being dug and in it much will soon be gone.  Thank you for attending as the baby grew too large that it reached around the world with its still tiny infant arms.  But size or cuteness cannot be the only things the people see, for if they would but love and feed it, it could grow and much could be.  Instead, the milk is dried up, the love not used for feed, the grip slips quickly and the baby slips into the sea.  While others watch the baby drowns, the Hope of Man submerged, and from the bubbles that come up, the end is quite assured.  Why does no one reach out to save the baby in the pond?  Because they are all pretending that the baby will float up as if there is no damage from the lack of love or help.  It will it’s true, the corpse will swell, and then float up to thus be found, but not the future lost because the Baby is dead now.

I tip my hat in gratitude for sharing what i say, and all the pictures that inspire some to think a different way.

Hold your dreams close to your heart and nurture them with Love.  Work to manifest them and success just might be found.  Raise a child that looks so great, so smart and capable, but watch the drugs, the streets of hate, then take your child down.  Wii can do better if Wii choose to join and change the world, but it seems so clear, there is no path, no flag we can unfurl.  So I am shuttering the plans that needed more than me to make the changes that I thought and knew so many people need.  There is not more than what I thought, not actions to be found, to go with all the words I heard, I read, I thought were sound.  Alas, few people really mean the things they say so well.  They smile and act as if they will, but leave and they are done.  Few actions ever follow, the spell I cast soon gone, they go back to illusions of the future… it all changes once they’re gone.

Feel Like you are hanging on the edge, but know there is a way out of the Chasm at the Fringe” hehe!  Well you should look at it from my view at the Chasm’s edge.

So back to writing poetry, to stories and to books, to drawing pretty pictures, and to building some fun stuff.  Taking time, as much as may be left before I go, to have some fun creating things and not be taken down.  Depressed by thinking I could do what does not seem to be, and thus I choose my happiness and let that dream go free.  I can not change the world if it does not wish to do more than bitch about the problems as they simply watch them grow.  It is not up to any One to step up to the plate and tell the others in the game the way that it should be played.  I can not say I know it all, the answers to all things, and thus I am not certified to run the world it seems.  Of course, I’m not, nobody is, thus United Wii should be, but it will not happen in my life, that much I finally see.

Peace be with the reflections of ourselves that we may see in others. I speak out in order to make others aware, because I care, not to make a profit from the wisdom I can share.

Savor every moment as this life flys quickly by… and love the people near to you, do not fear or lie.  Live your Truth now more than any time that you have known, and if you can, please tell your friends so they might pass it on.  There are solutions we could use, a path that Wii could take, but the choice is ours, not mine you see, and thus my leave I take.  It is the reason Wii succeed or fail in the end, for if you don’t participate I’m sure that Wii descend.

Please join me for a moment to reflect & share a thought.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, may your days be full of joy.  I pray you are enjoying every moment as we go.  Please let us know if Wii can share some info or some dreams that will help you plan your future as you quickly come to see.   Salvage what you can and know the paths Wii choose each day are examples that we offer to the world where we stay.  Be the person that Wii need to join and Thrive again, for we enter the new period that some will call the End.

May your world be full of all the things you seek and want to share. May you find the things you’re looking for and don’t forget to care. I pray that you will find the Love that makes this life so good, and give back more than what you take before you leave this world.


August, 2018

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