As I Nearly Dematerialize
In My Excited State Of Mind,
I Think About The Things That
I Still Need To Do And Find.
So Once Again I Form Into
The Being That You Know, 
And Off I Run To Manifest
My Most Creative HOMe Design.

My Ship is a coming! I soon plan to fly, and my path that I take up, no One has yet tried.

True, I have to build it for it to get here, but that is the way of Life… is it not?

From Trinity’s view, the sky is not the limit, it is Unlimited!
How do you change the way you look at life?
By your Choices, you make each night before you go to bed.
Who do you decide to be the next day when you wake up?

What are your preconceived notions about what will happen,
like getting older, sicker, poorer, or other downward spirals?
Believe in the mountains you can build!
Believe in the hOMes you can give Love to and Create!
Be the One that does the impossible
Day after Day until it is routine.

You Can! But only if you decide to and Act!
Wake up Better than you were the day before!
Do not believe you will be weaker, or anything else less than fabulous!
Be True to YOU and it Can Happen for You Too!

July 2018

It just depends upon your view as Trinity can tell you from up above…

I hope you will join me at the top of Miracle Mountain one day for a view you will not just see, but feel and remember for the rest of your life. 

It is going to sit on the side of Interstate 10 for decades I hope, to launch the curiosity, to fuel the passions strong, to feed the need for knowledge so that the guests can then move on.  For off into the distance where their homesteads soo will grow, I feel this will ignite the Light to give them Hope that shows.  Results are based on what you dream of and by what you do, so let this be the seeds that you start in your garden soon.  Plant the thoughts and give them tending, imagine what you’d do.  If you can see yourself Enlightened, that’s what I want for You!

Oops, I almost tipped it over trying to climb up into the front…

Lucky for me I am nearly weightless these days.

As I nearly dematerialize
in my excited state of mind,
I think about the things that
I still need to do and find.
So once again I form into
the Being that you know,
and off I run to manifest
my most creative hOMe design.

In order to recharge the Moonfed Batteries,

she needs a quiet night or two for practice

before the Full Moon comes.

Compared to what I greeted when the day came into view,

I think that you can spot the things that I finally got to do.

Parked for the moment,

balanced for the night,

Dreaming of becoming

A Big Ship that takes is Flight.

What will the morning bring to Light,

that I can’t see today.

Will it reach a brand new level

Few have ever seen,

Or Fly away entirely

as if this was a Dream?




What Wii do each day can affect the world in many ways if we have the best intentions, and we work as well as play.