My Zebu Vicky “House of the Rising Sun” comes to life.

Mackey plays the Gleam in Zebu Vicky’s eyes. She adores him already.

This will surely rate right up there in my top 20 when I am done with the 100.  At this rate, I may just sell of all of my buildings as I empty them of inventory and keep the last ten houses for myself.  No reason to have cash in the bank or buildings, land, or houses in other places so that means 10 houses left up for grabs to fill out the orders for 2013 and the rest after that stay with me.  I am tired of seeing such beautiful children of my imagination leave so I will reserve the last ten for me as I think I will be able to afford it after selling off assets that were previously reserved for the villages.

One of the Fans recommended calling these the Flying Nun Tops. I like it.

The Pure Life Living Retreat near the warehouses in Gonzales where I had proposed to teach people at will not be needed either.  We have had no one come this year that it was available to stay and do any apprenticeships, internships, or volunteers to speak of, and I can not afford to pay people to live in it as I have in the past year several times.  Pictures will be posted for that property for those interested in a great Victorian house in Gonzales, Texas.

I think you will love the porch posts that will be going with this house.  The whole composition will be fairy tale like when it is done.

Thanks for peeking in at the sister set of windows.  Oh yes, the windows and door on this house actually come from 8 different houses so they are not just from one prior house.  The door set was not originally together, just like with the Monty Grand Victorian, I simply composed this ensemble for your enjoyment.  Hope it works.

This is a sweet 11′ x 18′ beauty with windows and doors from 8 different houses combined to form a new home that will be an eye-catcher for the next century or more.