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Nearly at the April 15th deadline to win the next prize package.

Yes, 15 days of prior membership to be able to win the next prize package that we have seen on the other blogs, Facebook live, or heard about in a Tweet perhaps.  Not too many people to compete with as we are still building the membership in the new platform so that most who would not think they would win, could, but they must go through the process of human energy emitted to create a product that only they can create, a vision of what they would do with the materials if they had them to build an Organic Cottage of their own.  Now who can enter?  Any Member can enter in every contest of the year but each will have some prior membership period rules.  This one is only requiring that you be over 21 years of age, and have 15 days of being a member before you are selected to win, if your essay and sketch combo is selected.

Here is a sketch of what several of the buildings will look like from the street. May not be clear but better drawings to follow to show you more.

I am putting a qualifier on this contest in that we have not had much time to get the word out and not many people know about it yet other than the membership.  So if we do not get at least 100 entries we will give a prize to each member who does participate in this exercise and creates sketches and a short essay on what they would do and how, with the materials in this offering.  If we do not get at least 100 entries, then we will give a backup prize for the winner in First, Second, and Third place which will include a weekend in the B&B with 4 tickets to upcoming Music, Film, and Festival Events of their choice, and a $500/$300/$150 Salvage Materials Prize Coupons for each winner respective of their place.  While I had hoped to get more attention to this, we have been so busy preparing the grounds for the coming events.    We have had little time to get the word out and the Facebook, as well as some other means of doing so are being governed by advertising money, which I will not indulge in spending as I see little value in the long run if you do not like the ideas enough to share them, then they may not be good.

Yes, I had to set a lower limit of 100 entrants, yes members who want to participate in this contest in order to justify giving a prize away that is worth $5,000-$8,000 so we will have a few cool back up prizes in the event enough members do not hear about it, or others who have not entered to have the qualifying 15 days of time to win.

If you will share the site with others who might be interested then we will be able to generate the numbers we need to be able to give away a house to members who have belonged for at least 6 months of the year in December.  That is my objective so that we can have some seminars in a month when many can take off from work and be part of creating the house we give away as the prize at the end of the month.   Happy New Year for someone I hope.

Still, if you will share this blog, perhaps there will be enough entrants to give it away or await next month when many more can enter if they want to build a cool Tiny Doghouse with their family or friends, for their furry friends perhaps, but also for a chance to win the big batch of building materials to be given away for that contest too. Perhaps it will be a big package, perhaps a smaller one of just a few thousand dollars worth of windows, doors, and such to build a playhouse, as soon after, that will be a contest too.

For now though, if this essay and sketch contest does not get the traction in the following that it needs to pay out the prize and keep them big enough to make up the bulk of the expensive items needed to construct an Organic Cottage or house of any portable size.  The next month will be a contest on building a Dog House out of some selected materials such that entrants will get to pick from raw packages to then build and send pictures in, possibly shipping them if in the finalists, at our cost of course, and keeping them on site for examples at the SalvageFaire market and Guesthouses where they may be used by other dogs over many years to come and hold the names of the winners on the front of the house till the the Dog Home’s end times.

Next a cathouse perhaps… and I have done a couple myself already.

This was the first house we sold so long ago. It was the biggest Cathouse built in Texas I do believe, for 9 cats when I started, 7 when I finished, but i do not know how many made it to live there. This was 10′ x 12′ with window seats for each cat and a feeding room to keep them away from the food.

We had a little cold snap so I got to wear my new coat.  Not to cold to still go barefoot in the light rain though.  I hope you will join our newly re-manifested community website where you will be able to learn how to become a Salvage Miner, Salvage Builder, Broker, or more.  It is a site where we are listing houses to be taken down responsibly by salvagers around Texas and other states, to certify and recommend others who will take down houses, barns, and buildings in return for the harvest of the things we can save within.  Whether the beds, lamps, doors, cabinets, floors, or windows, our goal is to salvage the treasures of the past that we can no longer create for the resources are gone.  We can create sustainable housing and this will in turn lead to healthier lives, families, and careers that will last for decades to come, paid for with what most consider trash.

From the beginning, in 2006 when I started building a house from salvage to prove how far we could take it… I did not realize just how many factors we could take into account when the solutions this creates are brought into view.

Truly there is no more sustainable industry, building methods, or means of accomplishing the daunting task of downsizing tens of millions of the baby boomers who will be homeless if we do not come up with some means of downsizing that will last the rest of their lives.  They do not have the savings to make more than one move if that, and no mean to make more in a new world of technology that has left much of the Analog Generation unable to survive on the life skills that once supported them well.  Contrarily, the newest kids coming on the working world block are mired in debt, lack working skills in construction trades and life skills like farming or ranching, let alone mechanical or electrical craftsman talents and tools.  We are at a point in our society that few anticipated, the end of big houses, wasteful energy use, massive import imbalances, and retirement funds that will pay off until the day we die, let alone a health care system that can handle all the people who figured it would take care of them instead of them taking care of themselves over the decades.  Truly we are at a cross roads and this is why I am spending time, energy, money, and putting it all up for the sole purpose of manifesting an example of what we can do when we finally recognize the scope of the problems that Mass Media has been putting out of the minds of the public through displacing it with meaningless trash nightly.

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at the events we will be having starting in June. Music events, film festivals, market days for all things salvaged, and much more cool events at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

If you are awakened and not drinking the cool aid that has you believing the McMansion equals happiness and that you can pay off all the debt later while not seeing your kids grow up today so you can have it all now.   JOY of joys as you learn later how fast that time when the kids were young went by and behold, they are gone, seldom to return and watch TV with the family anymore.  Instead they are off, as many 25-35 year olds are, living, traveling, being with their kids if they have any, or planning on being with them when they do have them, for their generation was the major transitional one when we left having a parent at home most of the day to having the state, through the schools, and church through after school care, take care of the bulk of raising the children… the rest being taken care of by the TV and movie theaters who taught them about sex and life in the adult world.  Hah!

So how do we fix it?  We do what is natural, not consumerism driven, we spend time with them, teaching them the life skills, the respect for the planet, and the ability to survive without a college degree if they needed to but still be smarter than the average kid getting out of college today.  Let us learn from the last 50 years of TV leading our lives, My Three Sons, Superman, Combat, and the many shows that taught us to believe in a world that does not exist and pretend like there was not consequence to the endless wasting of our resources, life energy, and ability to perform at levels seldom seen before in the social evolution of our species.  Now, for the most part, we are apparently on the downhill slide as the bodies, minds, and spirit of the masses gets weaker for lack of self discipline to eat right, exercise, and do what we need to keep a planet alive and healthy for those who will follow and inherit what we leave behind with the largest generation to ever consume so much of the worlds resources in such a short time and leave a wake of pollution, plastics, and destruction that will take a few centuries to cure, if it can even be done at all.  We are at the precipice of no longer being able to reverse some things that are naturally going to take care of over population on the planet.

Houses can be created that will prove themselves worthy of matching anything built today with new materials, do so for less embodied energy when the house is built, and use less energy over the test of time as they will need much less replacement due to the lack of built in obsolescence, like so much of what is manufactured today.

One of the things few consider is that the reason this period is followed by a Millennium of Peace and Prosperity is that, with only a million or two people left alive on the planet, and the weather prohibiting significant travel around the world for a few centuries while we recover from some nasty possibilities on the horizon, it would be easy to maintain a thousand years of Peace.  Starting from the bottom for the most part, all would seem like prosperity rather than the starting point which will have knocked out most of the populations on the continents when the polar shifts, Niburu, comets, or nuclear war that sets off more than about 4 or five good bombs that will finish clouding up the atmosphere along with the volcanoes and gamma radiation.  Whew… lots could go wrong.  Lets focus on what could go right and try to live for that!

One thing I am sure of, we have the materials on hand to deal with many of the issues facing the larger population and “the solutions to our next generation of sustainable housing is just a universal property tax credit for the portion of housing built from our past” .  If Trump will give me that one concession for the first five years it will take to crank up this industry… then a slightly lower tax break for the next five years of houses produced from this pipeline that will emerge where resources go directly from job sites where they are harvested to building sites where they are used or warehouses created out of abandoned industry buildings.  Such a use will replace the loss of jobs created when global corps moved manufacturing overseas.  This gets the property in use, the treasures of our past harvested and saved so as to support the construction of homes in the future that are free of imports, toxins, new materials, and designed to last for a century thanks to the materials we will never find again if we do not save them now!


Please join me in the adventure of a lifetime, the transition of one age into another, where soon the memories of dial up land lines for phones, vinyl records, and many other stables of the memory in the Baby Boomers child hoods will be meaningless to the generations ahead.  This is an exciting time as we figure out what to do with all the stuff we have collected for generations only to meet with the newest generations not wanting to save much of any antiques, or other remnants that the Baby Boomers spent so many hours of their lives collecting, cataloguing, and storing for the generations to come.  Problem is, most of it was just stuff, and not of any value to the new digital society we have helped to manifest, thus bringing down the supports for prices on all the collectibles, antiques, and other distractions our generation followed with passion for decades.

Thank you for considering bringing back a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that will change the way the world handles the future of our planet, perhaps by living the life it will take to stop the madness of consumerism for sake of fad, fake news, or simply trying to be one of the crowd lusting to find a place in a heartless world of materialism, money, and sex… not Love.  Lets show there is another option in the future, by living more simply, loving with all of our heart, and being all we can be to prove what is possible to achieve at the high end, not just how we can homogenize the identity of the masses and lead them like Sheeple to what ever will make money for those who know how to manipulate, distract, and deceive under the auspices of advertising.  Let us be diligent and study the facts before giving into accepting toxic housing, food, or propaganda from infecting our primary vessel, the body occupied by our spirit and then the home that we share with our loved ones while we are here.

Thank you for considering these perspectives and my belief that we can make a difference no matter how far down the ladder people may be financially, only human energy, faith, and passion are needed to mix with the solutions and salvation that can be found in the Salvage Mining and Building Industry I promise will bloom if just given the chance.  Please join me in making the example for that to happen be possible.

nice drone shot of the Acre of Hope, the site where Salvagefaire, the market, and

Here you can see Heath and the new custom made boat we picked up to put on the pond for an overnight stay you can rock and roll in. Soon to be custom painted and outfitted to go on Walden Pond.


Please check out the website, our Facebook site for Tiny Texas Houses, and the many Youtube videos I have out under Pure Salvage Living, Tiny Texas Houses, and work outs for the body of us older folks as Brad Kittel.