Need Financing for a Tiny House? One company getting close… issues to consider!

I received a great email from a company that has been working on getting financing for Tiny Houses in their many forms. I am sure it has been a hard battle and others have been trying as well, but it appears like she feels confident that they will succeed. I have posted her email below with the link to her email so you can get on the newsletter she is preparing to announce this for those who need financing to buy a tiny house or an Organic Cottage one day.

Temple Tantra is in the midst of a remodel, making spaces where I found I could, so soon there will be twice as much space to use even more efficiently while feeling more open.

The illusion of space, like freedom, is that you can fit into the lifestyle comfortably. Before you commit to a tiny space to live in, take out a loan for a house you do not know much about, or particularly where you will put it… you might wish to read on and learn of the potential issues along the path to such a life of paradise.

Unusual glass for the bath in the White Swan. She is getting prettier by the day now. One more oiling, a table mounted soon, and on to the trailer very soon in preparation for the ride to her new home with a Texas Hill Country view like several of her brothers and sisters already out on the ranches.

While I am sure there will be many conditions to meet so the loan program is not harpooned coming out of the chute by defaults, there is really nothing in the financial markets now that earnestly supports the downsizing movement. Who ever comes out of the starting gate with a great program will have some 40,000,000 Baby boomers and millennials looking to stay warmer next winter, amongst other reasons for shrinking the costs of survival in the future.

The most important factor to consider when the financing window opens is whether you get a great house or else you will simply owe a bunch of money for a lemon you may not want to or be able to live in and thus risk destroying your one chance at a home by ruining your credit. You will still be required to pay even if you have to bail out on a house that is toxic, falling apart within a few years, or one that is not allowed to park anywhere near the places you need to be to work, survive, and pay for it. Presently there are people who have taken out RV loans and other financing that have found themselves unable to put the houses where they thought they would, hook them up to utilities for full time living, or having to vacate due to the outgassing of formaldehyde, plasticizers, vinyl EDC’s, and other air quality issues that impacted their health and forced them outside.

While I applaud the chance to get loans, this is not the time to forget due diligence, to research the product you will live in, and how you will pay for it as they tend to run more than $50,000 for the smaller versions, let alone the sizes that most people want. That appears to be closer to 500 -650 square foot range than the 250sf most traveling houses are coming in at from the mass producers. If the builders are not paying attention to the fumes from within the box you will live in, you must be the ones that exercise the due diligence and protect your loved ones from the issues you could be facing in a house that you commit to pay for long after these things are learned. Please, simply take the time to investigate what you should be asking questions about, like the air quality, but in order to know that the right answer is, I have created a couple of blogs on these subjects to help you discern what you should be looking for as you finally get the chance to invest in a downsized home of your dreams.

Yes, this is just one of 7 houses you could stay in to find out what your organization could teach people how to build. It is a big downsize but with a common bath house, community kitchens, and other elements, new forms of village living could be created in the outskirts of cities that could become self sufficient using salvage materials, a market to sell the wares created out of them, as well as the houses they could build and sell. It is a way of teaching a path to Salvation through salvage. It works. Come visit, even invest in a Tiny House in Salvage, Texas and have it here to give you income, depreciation so that the government pays for it, be ready for the SHTF moment with a back up outside of the city, or just build houses somewhere once you learn how.

Below is the email with the updates on her progress and a way to get on her mailing list for the good news when it happens. May those of you who want and need the loans find success through this path or others that may evolve. It is nearly impossible to have the savings to buy one outright in this day and age so I hope this turns out to be successful.

Here’s the update for the National Tiny House Financing Company -applications will be available beginning between March 1st and the latest is in May. Insurance availability is also a barrier being resolved. I know all of us want this now (Just like you – my business, livelihood & where I live depends on this!) but we need to consider this company is solely dedicated to tiny houses without the barriers we faced through other lending attempts. They are actually working at lightning speed compared to the formation of similar companies. Remember we just received the “Yes” in December for this company. The encouraging news is the investors have enough money to cover as many qualifying loans as we request. I will not send you false promises – this one is REAL. As soon as I know the details of these qualifications I’ll update you. I’ll have a tiny house shopping website created this month that will have “my preferred builders”, tiny house products, tips to improve your credit scores, loan updates for this new company, resources to link buyers, land available (both private & developments) cities with favorable codes, etc. This will allow buyers & builders to search by location. I’ll email you the link for this site this month. I have most of your email addresses but you can reply to this text with your email address to ensure I have all of you on this MailChimp list. Hang in there a bit longer. It’s very hard for me to wait! I know many of your situations & I can’t wait to see loans across the country change this industry.

Congratulations on a hard road to financial support for the Tiny House industry that is sorely needing paving. The variables are many but getting from the RV loans to legitimate Organic Cottage sized loans as well with some variations on conventional construction is good as well since few of the tiny houses will meet those guidelines or codes. The insurance added a thick layer as well given their propensity to not want to take on liability in return for premiums. I believe, if the houses are constructed well and have more longevity than the trailers or tiny mobile homes one wheels promise at the moment, the long term potential is good. If the initial loans are made to some of the poorly constructed, “made for the road” toxic boxes that will be pulled by undersized trucks, ignoring the high centers of gravity, the magnetic brakes, aged tires, and other variables then such a policy will wreak havoc on the loans and insurance returns. I want these addressed in advance so as to increase the likelihood of their success.

These are important issues as you launch a venue for financing that is sorely needed. I hope the investors and you are fully aware of the dicy situation that is being created with the construction techniques which ignore oxygen levels and quality in the houses, toxins outgassing causing serious health issues in occupants, and thus anticipate some of that so as to insure your success over the long run. If not, please refer to the blogs I wrote on these subjects that address them so as to dodge the traps being laid for sake of profits without due diligence. The first article is about the lack of whistleblowers at the industry conventions, or discussions on the panels

the air quality issue is another article worth reading to understand better.

The Retreat is the largest we are building that I hope this membership drive will enable us to keep here for larger families and groups to stay at which will make it better for having weddings and family celebrations. It is actually big enough to have a family live in, especially with the screened in porch that would have glass sash inserts for the bad weather, (2 months or so in Texas), adding another 150 sf of living space to make in nearly 800 sf of Organic Cottage Deluxe.

The maintenance of tires, brakes, a truck one needs to move them, and the cost of a trailer to constrict a house on, as well as construct seems like more, not less to waste money on and thus be bound to the cycle of endless maintenance, licensing, and upkeep.

Here you can see it going on the trailer. Clearly this is not your tow behind the family truck sort of house.

Upper loft window lets the breezes blow through so as to cool the house wen you don’t want to use the fan.

I will be thrilled to see what the final documents look like so as to understand the fine print and where it will lead. Congrats on your success so far. The really big issues will still be where to plant a Tiny House, especially if it is on wheels. Many states won’t even license a home made house on wheels so then insurance is even harder to find. The issues with this societal downsizing into tiny or small houses is one we need to face with a clear understanding that it is inevitable for most can no longer sustain the lifestyle that most Americans have become accustomed to as the weather transitions into extremes and the economy deteriorates so that it can reform.

Stay in different houses to see how you might fit.

I believe that the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance will play a big role as we tighten our belts and look for the low cost alternatives to healthy sustainable housing construction using American labor and virtually no imports. Perhaps the government will get on board at some point and make it easier instead of harder by supporting those doing the Research and Development needed to make this a smart and lasting transition in our society.

brad Kittel
Tiny Texas Houses
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Below is the advise I gave to Sheri when she started on the venture:

Hi Sheri,
I wish you well on your endeavor. I hope it will not be limited to the RV class of tiny toxic new materials houses (See Whistleblowers article on my website) which seems to have been the only trend in the last decade. I am not a fan of them and write of their inherent health issues as a whistleblower in that industry.
I do condone building sustainable toxin free sustainable houses out os 95% Pure Salvage and no imports, thus not making it a conventional method and thus I hope you find the loans for quality built House Art such as mine which would be a better bet for a lender, as they will last for a century instead of a decade and not make people sick who live in it while it outgases. (Yes, I have some strong feelings about making kids sick for lack of good air in these boxes on wheels they are passing off as houses.)
I will not likely want to build and sell more than 4-5 houses next year but if there were financing on them, the 43 acres I have that I am developing for Organic Cottages would be a good location for them and I would have buyers. If kept in Salvage, Texas, the lenders would be assured of access and likely a quick resale in the event of a default. I have some land free and clear of loans and some with bank liens, but the houses themselves do not need to have land to have a loan in your format, just a UCC1 access right and homesteading agreement that allows for such repossession.

The Zebu’s sisters enjoying a Sunset. Imagine getting the loan to set up a dream camp you could live in for the rest of your life.

Vicki Zebu from the entry

The Arched Zebu sitting in the sun with lightning rods to look upon.

Vicky Zebu with the classic TTH roofline from the rear view. No the balcony is not a package standard.

This really takes you to the outer limits of what can be found in the world of Sustainable Living House Art created by Tiny Texas Houses.

Zebu sisters on the plains

Please let me know if you make progress and I will be glad to help promote it if you come up with a fair plan. Lots of followers who would be thrilled if you did and it would facilitate my vision of Pure Salvage Living Co-ops that would act as resource banks with the tools, warehousing, and building spaces as well as trailer and trucks to empower millions to find careers in this blooming industry. If we can get a life long property tax credit for the portion of the house that is salvage, thus trash not in the landfill since 50% of landfills are building materials, and thus save that space as well as the carbon release from throwing all the wood and good stuff away instead of building a new generation of housing with it.

If you can help make that vision come to fruition, you will be a hero in the eyes of millions who become PSO members and thus not only learn life skills, have spaces to store salvaged materials, build with them, and create resource banks that combine the young and old as a community to teach, share, and help each other rebuild America. To do this with the treasure our ancestors left us and help preserve the world we leave to the next 7 generations, well that is an accomplishment that will take people like you to bring together the banks and the solutions under one roof. A new form of bank where the resources are not fiat currency, but building materials that would cost us far more to make than salvage, and the wood can no longer be found.

Hopefully, as a tiny house consultant I am opening pockets of information that will help some of your clients as well. Please let me know if I can be of more help.

brad kittel
Tiny Texas Houses