Life Is About Perspectives, Daring To Believe When Others Doubt, Doing What Is Right Rather Than What Is Expected, And Looking Outside Of The Box For Solutions That Fear Would Prevent Most From Using.  Fear.  Who Needs It?

Never be in Fear! Stay calm, stay clear. Be sure because you Prepare.

Feels okay to me, but not great.

Why would you Prepare… indeed?

If you do not prepare,

if you instead live in Fear,

then you will be a victim

when the bad guys come along.


They feed on your emotions,

uncontrolled they make you Weak.

In Fear, you lost the battle,

Before the day did break.

We must prepare for thinking,

for acting while still calm,

and facing some adversity,

where others are struck dumb.

They never prepped to deal with

any trauma in their lives.

The Pretty pictures painted

on TV seemed real & right.

Alas, that darned Reality,

that most live in each day,

developed cracks and shattering,

We now must all awake.

How many will be ready

when the sky turns dark and mean?

Will the fear of what is coming

lead to panic, then insane?

So many fat and happy souls

will disappear one day,

as they choose to leave this life instead

of survive another way.

For those who are Awakened,

Who see beyond the screens,

That fill our minds with other things,

just distractions, so it seems.

TV, Movies, games, and more,

Keep us from our Spirit’s door.

Most will think they are the Body,

Few will think they are the Mind.

Sadly most will have departed,

Without their Spirit for their Guide.

It’s sad how we can break these toys,

the bodies that we take

to live upon this paradise

that some call Mother Earth.

It is the view that makes it Great,

and what we do, if not to late,

to grow and learn what we can do

when Spirit Wakes us

to the Truth.

May you find a path to paradise upon which you may stroll.

Follow those who clear the way while assisting as you go.

Help the others who may need more of what your life could demonstrate.

By being the example, so that others can equate.


HaveĀ  Faith in what you do believe.

Work hard to make it real.

Imagine and create the way

for others to come too.

Awake your fellow humans

to the way our Earth could be

if we each live as examples

of what happens once we’re Free.


June 2018

What is a super tool belt fully equipped look like, and the person who got it for a birthday gift?… Poster child for the answer…. Happy.

Leslie came from several states away to learn how to build her stairway to heaven.

A great group sharing a weekend of empowerment and learning.

I say hi to those who can see me, and even those who don’t, for the truth is in my seedling, there is much to see you won’t. But it you should see more than most, to let my seeds be sown, you might just see a better life, once these dreams for you… are born.


Visit and know the difference that building things with Love can make, Wub manifests in many ways, Love for one, the houses too, and in the life I lead.