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I need…

To get an old house or structure off of my property
Tell us about the building or room to be deconstructed and removed –
It’s an old house in rural Atoka County Oklahoma. The original part of the structure is over 100 years old. It’s nothing fancy and never was, but it has a good amount of beadboard in an add-on that my parents built about 50 years ago from an old 1 room schoolhouse. I can send pictures if yo need them.

It’s in really bad shape, the roof has failed and water has come in and caused some mold.

If this is out of your area do you know of anyone in Southeastern Oklahoma that does this kind of work?

I’d love to hear from you.

Brenda Holstine
What is the approx. Size of the Buiding(s) L x W or S.F.:
30 x 60 feet or larger
Where is the Location of the Building(s)?
10 miles east of Stringtown Oklahoma in rural Atoka county. It’s about 135 miles north of Dallas.
What do you want from the deconstruction?

I just want building removed cleanly and the materials to be reused by others so they don’t go in a landfill
I want to keep some of the materials from the building for my own reuse
When do you want to get started?
I have a question or need more info first…
Would you like us to post this listing in The Salvage Mining Classifieds, so trained salvage miners in your area can assist you in removing the structure? (No personal information will be made available, only a description of the deconstruction project and your email).
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Brenda Holstine
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